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Which Hair Color Suits You? How to find out!

A nice dye can lift your hair. But finding the right tone for the curls is not always easy. One of the most common questions is usually: “What hair color do I fit in?”. Here’s the answer: First find out your skin tone, then the choice at the hair dye shelf becomes much easier.

Here’s how to check which hair color you fit in:

Do you have a warm or cold tone in your skin?

Your skin tone is of great importance for which hair colors give a natural impression and often it is also these colors that you best fit in. A simple rule of thumb when choosing hair color is to first find out if you have a warm or cold skin tone.

Do this:

Touch the skin at the thumb.
If it tightens blue or pink, your skin tone is cold.
If it tightens yellow, your skin tone is warm.

Light skin

You fit in: If you have a cold skin tone, an ash blonde or dark brown hair color can lift your face. If you are warm in the skin tone, you will fit in colors with golden shades, both light and dark. They produce your own skin tone and eye color better.

Avoid: If you are cold you should avoid copper colors and if you are hot then opt for chalk-white or silver tones as they pull down your face.

Dark skin

You fit in: If you are cold a dark plum color or a medium brown to really dark brown color. If you are warm you can go for the “Beyoncé color”, ie warm syrup and honey tones that break off your dark hair in a delicious way. If you are a little darker you can also try an intense coffee or chocolate color with a little red or golden tones in it.

Avoid: The cold should be suitable for warm, golden blonde colors and the warm does not work in blonde ash tones.

Olive-toned skin

You fit in: The cold can add an ash-colored foundation with light loops in (available in finished packages) to bring out its colors. You can also choose ash or chocolate tones that are soft and delicate to the skin tone. The warm one gets the right effect and glows in the skin with copper brown or lighter gold blonde colors. You can also try a golden brown shade that gives depth to your natural hair color.

Avoid: Copper tones for the cold can give you a faded impression and plum tones for the warm can make you look “sick”.

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