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How to Style your Bright Jeans

Do you own a pair of jeans in a classic light wash but not sure how to style them? Or maybe you just need a new dose of outfit inspiration?

Sometimes there is panic about clothing even though it doesn’t really have to be that hard. You probably already own a number of key garments in the wardrobe that can be combined into several different stylish looks.

Here we list five easy ways to style light jeans, which you can embrace today! So take a look in the wardrobe and be inspired by these simple styling tips.


The perfect everyday look? Choose to style your bright jeans with a crisp white shirt. Invest in good material and a timeless model that you feel comfortable and comfortable in. It is a safe card that can almost never be wrong. Spice up details with color, such as a colorful bag or patterned shoes.


Style the jeans with the same shade through all the details. Stylish with a cool blouse during the summer season, a trendy trench coat in the spring and invest in combining the jeans with a beige knitted sweater when the fall and winter months are underway. Wear the same shade of beige on shoes and bag. It makes your look chic and adds a well thought out style.


The perfect match? A pair of white well-kept sneakers for light jeans with slightly worn trouser legs.
Light jeans – yes please! A pair of fresh white sneakers – yes, please! Combine two favorites and you have a winning combo to slide around in whatever season or current trends.


Work with different shades of denim blue to create a trendy monochrome look.
Embrace the blue color of light denim and work with the color gamut! To succeed with a monochrome look, stick to a color and then vary with similar shades in all parts of your outfit. Remember to keep a soft balance between the color scales and preferably use different materials to create a dynamic and stylish look.


Jeans are a grateful garment that rarely fails when it comes to styling. Therefore, pattern mix is a good alternative to focus on when designing a pair of jeans.

Be creative and let your imagination flow! For example, you can mix boxes with animal patterns or striped with trendy logos. Stick to two different patterns and combine with garments of similar shade to find a stylish balance.

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