Sauna Gives you Better Skin

Regular sauna baths can do wonders for the skin. The heat and steam contribute to effective deep cleaning and increase blood circulation, which quickly gives a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Being healthy is like getting a facial, but for the whole body. 15 minutes in the steam clears the pores, increases sweatiness and helps the body get rid of toxins.

Spending time in a steam room regularly has a clear effect on the vitality and freshness of the skin and even the most glowy and grayest winter skin becomes fresh and rose-pink after a while in the heat. The heat also increases collagen production in the skin, which gives a rejuvenating effect.

Feel free to start by scrubbing the body with a peel in the shower. Then brush for about 15 minutes, then shower and scrub the body again.

This way, your skin is revitalized and you get rid of layers of old dead skin cells that can otherwise help make your skin look tired and lifeless. It is also of great importance to moisturize the body, both inside and out.

-Drink a lot and use a moisturizing cream while the skin has not yet dried. Then happily supplement with, for example, jojoba oil for a maximum moisturizing effect.

If you want to see clear improvements in your skin quality then it is important to be consistent and to vaporize regularly. A single steam bath usually gives a temporary effect, but if you make the steam bath a part of your skincare ritual, you will soon see positive results.

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