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Things to think About when Buying Makeup

Have you ever bought a product but felt at home that it does not look like it did in the store?

The light is usually warmer inside a store than outside in the daylight, therefore colors can easily be misleading. Our tip is to bring a pocket mirror so you can go outside the store and see what the color looks like in the daylight before you buy the product.

Make-up is a hygiene product and many bacteria are easily spread among testers. Therefore, ask the staff in the shop if they can spray / dry lip products before trying them to avoid being infected with eg cold sores. If you have a cold sore yourself, you should avoid trying lip products for others!

If you are not sure which colors are right for you, dare to ask the staff! They are there for your sake and usually have education in makeup.

Finding the right color on the foundation is considered as the most difficult part according to many. Start by finding out which undertone you have, it will help you along the way! A makeup artist can help you see if you have, for example, pink or olive undertone.

When you know which undertone you have, you need to find a shade that suits you. It is best to try your foundation on the neck.

Your face or your hands may be lighter / darker / red and therefore deceive you.

If you do not already have good brushes at home, we recommend you buy a brush adapted to your new product. Using 1 brush for a whole makeup is very difficult. It’s like building a house with only one tool.

If you shop for makeup online, make sure the store is an authorized dealer of the brand you are interested in. Some stores sell counterfeit makeup which you have no idea of what they consist of. Believe it or not but it circulates a lot of copies, even on already cheap products/brands. Fake products can in some cases contain strange substances that can give you rashes and infections etc. If you are not sure how to google, there are many tips and guides on how to distinguish the genuine from the false!

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