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Top Makeup Guide for Beginners

People have painted themselves at all times but in different ways and with different purposes. The first to do makeup/ face paint were most likely the men, to deter enemies and foreign groups when they hunt for food. Soldiers in war have always painted themselves, sometimes to be seen and sometimes not to be seen, as a camouflage.

Makeup can be used both to hide but also to highlight different facial features. In principle, people who perform in theater, film or television always wear makeup. In this post, we have made a beginner makeup tutorial. Learn what the different products are called and what you need for makeup for different purposes.

Different variants of makeup and what they are used for


Primer is usually used after cleansing and skin cream but before the foundation. There are several different primers on the market with different properties. It is common to use a primer to achieve a smoother skin tone, to make the makeup better and to counteract a glossy surface. Just like in the construction industry, primer is an excellent product to use as a base.

It works just fine to use only one primer and nothing else to give the skin a smoother skin tone and to remove the gloss. This is not something that is visible on the skin, so it is especially suitable for those who do not want to look makeup.


Concealer is there to hide – conceal – just as it sounds. There are different concealers and even different colors depending on what you want to hide. Most often, concealer is used to hide dark circles under the eyes and pimples/blisters.

Important here is to know that concealers used under the eyes usually provide more moisture than a concealer used to conceal pimples. So it might be good to have one that you use under your eyes and another that is specially developed to hide pimples. Those who hide pimples are usually drier and can make it look cakey under the eyes if used there. There are also concealers that work for both and.

To cover pimples that are usually red, you should preferably use a concealer that goes against yellow or faint green. This is because these colors neutralize the red color.

If you want to cover dark rings under your eyes, there are two ways to go. If you have a blue tone under your eyes you should choose pink-orange (salmon-colored), this color best covers the blue color.

If you have a purple tone under your eyes, you should choose a yellowish concealer.


The foundation is available in a variety of colors and shapes. The most common forms are liquid foundation, cream form and powder form foundation. The foundation is used on the face after it is cleansed and moisturized, to even out the skin tone and to cover blemishes.

Here it is important to choose the right color depending on the skin tone you have. Most often, the foundation should be a shade lighter than the rest of the body, so as not to leave any visible streaks. You can test out the right shade on your neck, preferably a foundation should not be visible at all.

If you have dry skin, a liquid foundation can fit better and if you have oily skin you can work in powder form better. The foundation jungle is big and it can be difficult to find one that fits your skin type and skin tone, here it can be smart to ask the experts for help.


Powders are available in several different colors and are usually used after foundation. Some pillows can be used to look sun-kissed and some have no color at all. Powders are used to secure the rest of the makeup in place and can be used during the day to improve. There are special powders that will counteract glossiness, but people who have dry skin can become even drier by such a powder.


Used on the eyelid, right next to the lash line to create an intense look or shape the eye.


The most sold in makeup is the mascara and it is used to color the eyelashes and make them longer / fuller. In combination with a good eyelash bend, you can easily create the illusion of long lashes.

Eye shadow

Used on the eyelid to create depth or illusion of a larger eye. Available in a variety of colors and shapes. Most often you should choose the color that is the opposite of the color you have, tea x brown eyes should have a blue shadow to accentuate the brown.

Eyebrow Shadow

Some people say that they would never do it, but that is just the eyebrow shadow. It is a shade especially suited to the eyebrows, to give them color and shape. You usually find these in brown tones, sometimes you can buy a palette of different colors to easily mix to the right color.

Eyebrow shadow should be applied with a special brush intended for the eyebrows, these are usually quite small and snow-cut to easily fix the eyebrows in the way you want. Eyebrow shadow can advantageously be used by those who have bright eyebrows and want them darker. It is often said that the eyebrows frame the eyes, which means that the eyebrows do more than you might think, for the whole.

Lipstick/lip gloss – Used on the lips to give color and shine.

Rouge – Used on cheekbones to sculpt and accentuate them, available in different colors but often goes in brown and pink shades.

To think about when you clean your face from makeup

Cleansing the skin is especially important when applying makeup, partly because the makeup clogs the pores but also because the makeup adheres better to a well-cleaned skin. Always wash your makeup before you go to bed, as it is at night that your skin has time to recover from the external stresses of the day. Choose the right cleanser for your skin type and don’t forget to moisturize your skin after you clean it.

Makeup Brushes

Make-up brushes are good to use because they help with makeup. If you use a brush, it is easier to distribute the makeup on the skin and it becomes a bit like painting a painting.

To get the best results you should have a brush for only one product, for example, a brush for foundation, one for powder and so on.
Ideally, you should wash your makeup brushes every week, because bacteria love your makeup brushes and you don’t want these in your face. Ideally, you should not use your fingers when applying makeup, as it adds dirt from the fingers to the face. Should you still want to use your fingers – make sure they are cleaned before!

How long does the makeup last?

On the vast majority of makeup products, there is a symbol of a jar and with a number on it. This means that the product is durable for so many months (the number on the packaging) since you opened the product.

Borrow makeup

It is not a good idea to share make-up with someone and above all, you should never borrow eye makeup with anyone else. This is because bacteria can spread if you are unlucky.

The right makeup for the right skin type It is crucial to find the right makeup for your particular skin type. If you have dry skin it is necessary to choose a makeup that does not dry out the skin further and if you have oily skin it can be good to avoid products that make the skin even fatter.

If you have sensitive skin or easily get pimples, it is important to look over the contents of the makeup so that nothing causes any problems. There are also cosmetics that should be healing for the skin, this makeup is especially good for a skin that easily gets irritated or gets pimples.

Often it is well described on all products what the skin type the product refers to but sometimes you have to try it out. Just because you have a certain skin type does not mean that all products aimed at that skin type will fit, but sometimes it is necessary to try and find what suits your own skin.

Less is more, right?
It is often said that “less is more”, this also often in makeup. Many who are makeup go after trying to look unmasked, despite the fact that there are many minutes of makeup behind. Whatever you choose, you should choose what feels best for yourself. It is you who decide what is a good make-up for you. We all have different goals and goals with makeup.

When you start to use makeup, it can easily feel like a jungle and very difficult to learn to make good results every time. But after a while in the endless make-up jungle, everything falls into place and becomes very logical.

Start wherever you want, make-up is fun and you want to learn more you will never be less! It never ends either, for that matter, there is always more to learn and products and techniques are constantly added!

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