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How to Wash Clothes with Printing

We’ve all had a nice t-shirt with a print that loses some of its charm when the print starts to crack and fall off. Fortunately, there are some simple washing tricks that you can use to clean your t-shirts and give them a longer shelf life.

1. Wash them in and out

It’s an old trick to turn on the garments when it’s time for a ride in the washing machine. This way, the clothes retain the color best and the outside stays nice longer. If there is pressure on the fabric, it is even more important to turn the inside out. Otherwise, the pressure can be worn against the walls of the wash drum. And remember to pull the zippers on your pants and other clothes again, otherwise, they can tear the print.

2. Wash in low temperature

Generally, it is recommended to wash fabric with pressure to a maximum of 40 ° C, but if you want to be completely on the safe side it is best to stick to 30 ° C. Remember that the instructions on the washcloth in your clothes only give you the maximum temperatures. The garment can definitely get clean at lower temperatures. In addition, avoid detergents that contain bleach.

3. Avoid the dryer

The dryer is a bit more hard-handed than the washing machine and is hardly the best treatment for a print t-shirt. Hang dry the garments instead – either outdoors or indoors in a room with good ventilation.

4. Empty the washing machine immediately after the program is finished

It is always a good idea to empty the washing machine immediately after the program is ready to avoid crumpled and smelling clothes, but for clothing with print it is even more important. If the pressure is crumpled, it can break. And if the garment is brand new, it is also easy for the print to stick together and cannot be straightened out without pulling out any pieces.

5. Never apply pressure directly

If you use the iron directly on the pressure, it is very likely to melt. Therefore, iron the garment instead. If you are particularly worried about the garment, you can put a clean kitchen towel between the iron and the garment itself. A good thing is also to avoid turning up the heat on the iron to near the boiling point.

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