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How to Succeed with your Eyeliner

Whether you are a complete novice or self-proclaimed eyeliner expert, it is important to use a variant that is right for you! Here I go through what is the difference between liquid eyeliner, whip pen, hybrid, and gel.

Which eyeliner should I choose?

If you are going to be honest, how many times have you tried to get the perfect eyeliner but failed? Choosing a variant that is right for you is important to get a good looking wing! Here are some of the most common varieties:

Liquid eyeliner

Perfect for those who are steady on hand! Liquid eyeliner gives a durable and accurate result but can be a bit tricky to apply. To get the cat-eye look, a tip is to first paint the line with a pen and then fill in with eyeliner.

Eyeliner Pencil

It gives a softer impression and is easiest to work with. If you feel that it is smeared on the skin, you can easily fix it with an eye shadow in the same shade. Use an oblique brush and dot the shadow where you have painted with the pen.


If you find it difficult to use liquid eyeliner, invest in a hybrid pen! A hybrid looks like a pen and gives the same results as a liquid eyeliner. This variant is easy to work with as it gives optimal control over the application.


Gives the same result as a liquid eyeliner and is applied with a special eyeliner brush for best results. Dip the tip of the brush into the gel and paint near the lash line, from the corner of the eye to the outside.

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