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6 Garments You Must Have in Your Wardrobe

We have chosen six key garments that make up the so-called capsule wardrobe during the spring and summer months. With these key garments, it becomes easy to mix, match and just add accessories. With the right garment in the base wardrobe, it becomes easy to dress!

1. The classic leather jacket

A leather jacket fits just about everything and is up to date in almost all seasons. Either you choose the oversized model or you choose a little tighter in the biker model. Wear it for spring floral patterned dresses or match with a pair of stylish bright jeans.

2. The wool top that you can wear underneath everything

The weather in many countries is quite unpredictable. A top in soft merino wool that does not itch is a perfect friend during the varying temperatures of spring. The wool’s temperature-regulating properties make the material feel airy and cool on hot days, while it insulates and keeps warm when the sun disappears or when it blows cold winds in the evening.

3. The ankle socks you never have enough of

What would you do without ankle socks or sneaker socks in the spring? Here, just fill up with one-color variants that fit your outfits and sneakers, and take the opportunity to buy several at a time.

4. The jumble jellyfish that sits like a bang

A pair of skinny jeans is like the leather jacket: iconic, timeless and indispensable in a style-conscious woman’s wardrobe. It’s great to have them in black or gray.

5. The dress you bloom in

Floral designs are probably never out of style. This year, as always, flourishes of brands that make summer dresses with beautiful floral patterns. Invest in a nice dress that you can rock flawlessly.

6. The knit sweater

Everyone needs an airy and oversized knit sweater for late summer evenings on the balcony. I prefer mine in a matte purple or pale yellow color, so the knitting looks a little lighter than it feels. Two of these are all you need during the spring and summer season.

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