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9 Fashion Tips That will Make you Look Taller

Do you belong to the group that is almost always the shortest in the room, then you know how difficult it can sometimes be to dress. All jeans need to be sewn up and it’s easy to drown in oversized sweaters. For us short people, however, there are a lot of tips we can follow to look longer and we have collected a whole nine pieces here!

Sometimes we shorter people may feel the need to look longer or just feel that the clothes are the same as a longer person.

Thankfully, there are an incredible amount of tips for how we succeed. For example, do you know which height of the waist is the best or how to best dress up an oversized blouse? If not, check out our slideshow where we list nine super-smart tricks!

A skirt or dress that is a-line shaped lures the eye and extends the lines so you look longer.

Stock in stock without joints

If you have a pair of high boots, you should bet on a long coat that goes below the boot’s edge (without the legs being visible). This means that the lines are extended and the silhouette becomes longer.


Match your outfit by wearing the same color or pattern on both the bottom and the top. With a more uniform look, the silhouette is extended because there is nothing that interrupts in the middle (such as a pant edge).

Think about the waist

When buying bottoms, you should focus on the high or medium waist. A low waistband makes your hips look lower, which makes your legs look shorter.

Choose shoes with a v-shaped opening

To create the illusion of longer legs, you can choose shoes with a v-shaped opening. They create the illusion that the legs are longer because they “point downwards” and therefore extend the lines.

Dare a polo

The fact that short people cannot wear polo is a stupid invention that is not at all true. Bet on a polo that is close to the figure and feel free to mark your waist.


To look further, you can bet on a figure-tailored jacket. Because it sits in the right places, the upper body looks longer.

Sizing right

When investing in oversize, make sure you find the right balance. Therefore, invest either on a large top or a wide bottom, not both.

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