Facial Treatment at Home: 6 Steps to Radiant Complexion

Facial Treatment at Home: 6 Steps to Radiant Complexion

There are few things that are as personal as skincare, the trick lies in finding what works for you and your skin. Continue reading for some help along the way and tips on the various steps you can choose to build your home-made facial treatment around, as well as explanation of what the different parts are really good for. Let’s open up the bathroom cabinet and start the journey towards a happy skin!

1. Clean and think about the microflora

Why: The goal of cleaning, or cleansing as it is also called, is to get rid of excess oils, make-up and other dirt that has accumulated on the skin during the day or night, so that the products you use can be as effective as possible. But a strong cleaning does not necessarily mean a good cleaning. It is rather a balance between removing impurities but at the same time not affecting the natural bacteria found on your skin, AKA your microflora. You may not have heard of the skin’s microflora before, behind the scenes are hard-working bacteria that protect you from pathogens such as infectious agents, toxins and stress, your host’s own immune system that can do away with unwelcome substances in 20 staggering minutes. Skin care products with high levels of preservatives make no difference to your microflora and external bacteria, but both eradicate and thus destroy your farm’s natural defenses. This is one of the reasons why Lush cleansers are full of fresh, natural ingredients and very few preservatives, if any at all.
What: We have a variety of cleansers and cleansers, such as our recent favorite The Angels On Bare Skin favorite. A dry skin may require a completely different cleansing than a blended or oily skin, so we encourage you to explore our cleansers to find one that suits your skin type. Maybe your skin feels good by a hefty scrub a couple of times a week, while someone else needs something much nicer.

2. Open up with steam

Why: Steam opens up the pores and allows active and cleansing ingredients to reach the impurities at depth that a regular cleaning would not access. As a bonus, it is also very relaxing!
What: Raise the temperature with a steam tablet full of essential oils and soothing ingredients. Tea Tree contains purifying tea tree oil and beneficial aloe vera that balances and counteracts pimples and impurities.
How: Fill a bowl with warm water. You want it to be so hot that it will steam from it, but not so hot that you burn: take it carefully! Put in a steam tablet, then place a towel over the bowl and yourself to close in the vapors. Relax and breathe in for a few meditative minutes.
Tip: When you’re done with your steam treatment, you can save the water in an empty spray bottle and use for three to four days. You store your homemade, preservative-free face water in the refrigerator and take it out when you need a refreshing, luxurious huh?

3. Facial massage

Why: Massage of the face is extremely relaxing, helps the skin maintain its elasticity and can kick-start its natural detoxifying processes. Win, win, win!
What: One of our favorites when it comes to pampering your face is the Package Free Serum Full of Grace which is also a real hit when it comes to nutrition. The serum cake is filled with the tropical butter murumuru and cupuaçu that boosts the skin with moisture while rose oil and calamine powder relieve irritation.
How: Wipe your face dry after your steam bath before letting any of our serum melt between your hands. Then apply the product with upward movement from your chin all the way up to the forehead. Then stroke with downward movements along the hairline and down towards the jaw line. Repeat a few times before switching to massage the forehead and cheeks with small circular movements.

4. Mask for life

Why: Lush’s face masks are hand-made with fresh ingredients carefully selected for their specific effects on the skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, unclean, sensitive, mature or somewhere in the middle, you will find a mask that suits you.
What: Our fresh masks are packed with active ingredients that thrive the best in the fridge, you can botanize among them here. If you are looking for something exfoliating or invigorating, Mask of Magnaminty and Cup O ‘Coffee might be right for you. And if you need moisture and want to get a good look in the cool jelly masks.
How: Keep your serum on when you iron out a generous layer of your favorite mask all over your face, but avoid eyes and mouth. The serum boosts the effect of the mask and makes it work more efficiently. Sit back and enjoy for 10-15 minutes before rinsing your mask with lukewarm water. If you have chosen a mask with scrub in, massage gently before rinsing for a lovely exfoliation.

5. Water with toner and mist

Why: Giving your face a shower of facial water removes that last dirt, moisturizes and prepares the face for moisturizer. Also try using our facial water as a face mist for an invigorating moisturizing in the middle of the day.
What: Tea Tree Water is extra good for oily or oily skin, with cleansing tea tree oil and gently contracting grapefruit that keeps the skin matte and clear. Breath of Fresh Air, which is full of sea water, soothing aloe vera and soothing seagrass, seems refreshing and soothing regardless of skin type. Eau Roma Water is our gentlest, most moisturizing facial water and is made on a simple recipe with infusions of lavender and rose that soothe skin that feels irritated and dry.
How to: Spray the water directly over the face or on a cotton pad that you iron over the skin.

6. Last but not least, moisturize

Why: Moisturizing after cleaning, especially if you have used a deep cleansing mask, is A and O. It restores moisture balance and keeps the skin soft and compliant. And don’t forget that even a greasy complexion needs moisture!
What: Like the masks, we have face creams that work just as well as day and night creams, adapted to different needs and skin types. Check our guide to find the right moisturizer for you.
How: Apply a small lump of cream all over your face and down your neck to finish your facial treatment.

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