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Beauty Tricks for Sensitive Skin

You have sensitive skin if…

… You easily become irritated and red. If the skin tightens, scales is thin and often have superficial blood vessels. You can have sensitive skin regardless of skin type. In other words, you may have dry skin symptoms and at the same time have acne problems. Your skin can also react quickly to certain skincare products and external stresses such as cold, dry air, sun, and heat.

Why do you have sensitive skin?

This may be due to hormonal changes or that you have been using for a long time too much for strong skincare products that have damaged your skin’s barrier function. Stress, unhealthy health, lack of sleep and unhealthy diets can also be contributing factors.

How to take care of sensitive skin

Protect the skin from the sun. Be sure to use products designed for sensitive skin that contain soothing and nourishing ingredients. Avoid using products that increase blood circulation and remember to use makeup that is tailored to your sensitive skin.

Common mistakes for you with sensitive skin

Since you can be very sensitive to, for example, changes in temperature, active skincare, sunlight and strong food, it is important to use products with calming and restorative properties as well as remember to be extra careful about lubricating with protective products during the day. Use a day cream with a high sun protection factor.

Also, do not exaggerate the washing of your face with excessively hot water or use for strong cleaning or a makeup removal.

Tip! Test your new face creams/products by applying a small amount just in front of the ear for three nights in a row. If you do not get a rash in that area, you can use the product all over your face.

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