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9 Beauty Tips That will Give Your Skin Luster

Unfortunately, low humidity, dry air, and dull weather usually result in glowy skin and dark circles under the eyes. Here are nine beauty tips to help you avoid the hassle.

Have you gotten tired of having a pale complexion, dark circles under your eyes and dry parts? Autumn and winter take their right to the skin – but you can get back glow and luster with the right trick.

Face Mist

Become best friend with the face spray and leave it on the desk and remind yourself during the day. A good face mist moisturizes the skin during the day, perfect when sitting in air conditioning or in front of the computer for days on end.

Clay mask

The clay mask is available in many different variants but all have in common that they are cleansing. You apply a clay mask once a week and let it work, to clear the pores and give the skin an incredible glow.


Retinol is a favorite of many in the beauty world, a type of vitamin that boosts the skin to produce collagen, which keeps the skin soft and supple. It’s expensive, but it’s okay because it is so worth it.

Wash your makeup brushes

If you have a tendency to get rashes, acne and blemishes on your face, your dirty makeup brushes and beauty blenders can be the culprit. Get routine on washing them regularly to get fresh and clear skin.

Eat right

What you eat is often reflected in your skin. Review your diet this fall and focus on healthy fats, eggs, chicken, vegetables and fish for radiant skin.

Brown without sun

If you want a golden complexion over the winter, it’s time to say hello to brown without sun. Today there are many fantastic products on the market that do not at all give the orange tone you remember from before, which instead lures the eye that you have been on a sun holiday for a week.


Highlighter has become many’s best friend in the makeup bag because you can create shimmer and luster in the skin even though it is winter tired and glowy. Apply to the highest points of the face and get a nice shine.

Drop bags under the eyes

If you feel tired and swollen under your eyes, a cold spoon can do wonders. Store it in the fridge or freezer overnight and pick up in the morning and hold over the swelling for a few minutes. There are also eye patches to buy that give the same effect. If you want to hide dark rings under your eyes, it’s time to invest in a light-reflecting concealer that lights up.

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