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Which Shoes Should you Wear With a Dress?

The shoes are more important than you think for your style. They help you set the tone. If you choose, for example, sneakers, the whole outfit immediately gets a sportier and more casual feel and if you pump up the look, it becomes more feminine.

I have put together some of my favorite dresses together with stylish shoes to show how easy it is to maximize the style!

Bet on personality

A wrap-around dress can easily feel ladylike but if you match with fun boots you have a trendy and personal look in one look.

A great alternative to the classic loafer

A straight and knee-length dress gets sporty along with sneakers and more well-dressed with a slip-in loafer. A perfect choice in the office when the weather permits!

Dare colors

A classic dress comes to life with colorful shoes. The boot is a stylish and trendy dress for a wadded dress model.

With a sporty feel

With a sneaker, you can get any dress (almost!) To get an everyday feeling. If you choose a casual dress, you instantly have a look that works in all everyday situations.

Classic feeling

Sometimes you want to strengthen the style of the dress and then it is extra important that the shoe is connected with the rest. A dress with a 50s feel gets just the right look with updated pumps in slingback model.

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