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12 Stylish Ways to Wear White in the Winter

White is definitely not only reserved for the summer. It is actually extra sophisticated and great to wear white during winter, as few expect this color during this time.

The hottest is if at least 75% of your outfit consists of white, so a messy cotton shirt will not count if the rest of your garments go in other colors.

Here comes inspiration for chic ladies who want to wear white during the winter:

  • Next time you invest in a designer bag, choose a beige or off-white.
  • Wear a high neck long dress. Preferably in lace or crocheted material. It is a conservative model that you easily make more modern by accessories such as cool boots, boots, oversized brooch, wide belt or sunglasses.
  • Choose a simple base such as jeans and a T-shirt and top with a beautiful and decorated orchestra jacket with beads, rhinestones and rich embellishment.
  • A monochrome look is what sets the whole style! Choose something knitted to stand out with material in the mix itself.
  • Mix different shades of white and beige in the same outfit.
  • Material mix in layers upon layer and allow fluffy and cuddly textures to be mixed with rough surfaces.

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