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What Impression does Red Clothes Make?

Many studies have already proven that with red clothes, we look attractive! And it is no secret that red is the color of love and passion, but also that of power and energy.

So it’s no wonder that all of this literally discolors on us when we wear red garments. Red clothing not only has an impact on our surroundings but also on ourselves. A study shows that women who wear red feel more attractive and confident. So it becomes a positive circle so there is nothing that should stop you from dressing in red clothes!

When do you wear red?

It is basically good to always wear red. However, on some occasions you should be careful about the color; especially if it is a very clear shade of red.

• At a wedding: With a red dress you draw attention to yourself and this day only the bride is allowed to do so.

• At a funeral: Such a screaming color is usually unsuitable for such an occasion.

• On a job interview: Here you have to be careful about the color – a bright red jacket or a blouse in a strong red hue can, for example, seem too dominant.

What do I match with red?

Red is an eye-catching color. If you do not want to go all-in immediately,  you can start by testing a light version by, for example, matching your outfit with red shoes or accessories. Already it looks pretty attractive. Also, a red pattern on a blouse or dress and muted red shades can be the first step to venture into the trend color. Either way, red always goes well with jeans! Whether it’s a blouse, top or sweater – red in combination with blue jeans simply gives a relaxed look.

Or choose a red dress – this is definitely the latest trend. Here too, those who do not want it too red can choose a red dress with white dots or a floral pattern. It makes the look a little more airy. Even with a pair of sneakers or cool short boots you can take a bit of the red look. However, this does not mean that you cannot match the dress with a pair of pumps or choose a full red outfit. It can also be super nice, but it’s looks that require a little courage.

What colors match red?

• Brown shades, especially camel
• Dark blue
• Dark green shades such as olive or khaki
• Gray
• Black
• White
• Bright colors such as pink, orange, and purple to create a stylish color-blocking look

What red hue suits me?

It depends on whether you have a warm or cold skin tone, that is, it is the yellow or blue color pigments that dominate the pigments in your skin. To find out who it is, simply stand in front of the mirror and first hold up something golden and then something silvery next to your face, such as jewelry. If the golden make you look fresher, you have a warm skin tone. If it is the silvery that makes you radiate you have a cold skin tone. However, these main types also have two subgroups


Which jewelry matches red?

If you want to match your red outfit with jewelry, one or two accessories is enough. Because red already gives a strong impression, the look can otherwise quickly become too much. Particularly nice to red is gold and silver jewelry, but also jewelry with red details fits well with a red outfit. The same goes for bags, ribbons, and shawls: Keep it simple; discrete shades and shapes are best suited.

Which makeup fits red?

Also with regard to makeup, it is a natural look that will fit best with red. The most important thing is an even base because red highlights the irregularities in the skin.

Anyone who has problems here is happy to use cover pins and foundation. Complement with a discreet blush and a little mascara, the look is complete. Eye shadow and lipstick is not a must. Anyone who still wants to use it chooses bronze or golden shades for eye shadow and beige to the lips. Anyone who insists on choosing a red lipstick should choose one that has the same color as the red garment.

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