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12 Hacks For Perfect Nails

Do you want to get perfect nails? Here are 15 hacks and tips for getting flawless nails.

1. Powder a little cornstarch over your newly painted nails to get a matte effect. So cool!
2. Lubricate the area around the nail you are going to paint with skin cream, so it is easy to remove residue if you paint wrong.
3. Need to make your own glitter paint? Mix ordinary glitter with a clear lacquer!

4. Perhaps the smartest way to succeed with zigzag designs is on hacks
5. Tip! Do you want your nails to dry faster? Dip them in ice-cold water to speed up the process.
6. Use a quill pen to pick up rhinestones, which you then apply to your nails. The smokey color of the canal makes the stones stick easily.
7. Try making patterns on your nails using a washcloth.
8. Mix hot water, baking soda, and some hydrogen peroxide to whiten the nails from discoloration.
9. Want to get the perfect bow when painting French manicure? Mark the white tip with a rubber band!

How to fix the perfect glitter manicure!

10. Fix a perfect nail tool by attaching needles to the blur on a pen.
11. For smoother results, store the nail polish in the fridge for a quarter before applying it.
12. So easy to do rebrand nails!

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