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Pantyhose – When to Wear Them?

Pantyhose are a perpetual problem for most women today. Should you wear them, do you have to and in such cases when? What is right and what is wrong? These are questions that are not always easy to answer and sometimes there is not a single answer. To make it easier for all the women who end up in tricky tights, here is a brief guide on how and when tights should be worn.

The fashion and the customs change

Previously, there was no doubt that women who were dressed in skirts or dresses would also wear tights or knitwear. But just like everything else in society, customs and traditions change, and this also applies to the wearing of tights. Today it is not at all obvious. Wearing short garments and wearing bare legs is just fine.

On the one hand, we have become more open and more accepting, but it is also true that fashion has of course changed.

Buy tights for different events

As I said, it’s not easy to know when to wear tights and when you don’t have to. In general, however, what can be said is that the more formal and conservative an event, the more appropriate it is to wear tights. It is undeniable that they add a certain amount of sophistication to your attire.

A place where you should always consider wearing tights is when you are in church. It doesn’t really matter why you are there, but because it is a conservative environment you should respect this. Especially if you are in a company with people you do not know well. The same applies if you are invited to some type of ceremonies, such as a wedding, a baptism or an awards ceremony. There are also traditional events where you have to move in a certain way.

Another important opportunity in life when you should wear tights is when going to a job interview. This is done to show respect for the person you are going to meet and to make a good first impression. In addition, the chances are quite high that those who conduct the interview hold a higher position within the company and are therefore probably a little older.

Then it may be good to dress a little more traditionally. This does not mean that you always have to wear tights at work after that – then you simply have to follow the dress code that applies at the workplace.

For example, some tips for finding the perfect tights are to always buy your tights after deciding which outfit to wear. This way you always get tights that go well with the other ensemble in terms of shape and thickness. Another thing to consider is what function the socks should have. For example, if you need to use support socks, it may be good to buy a pair of thick and dark nylon socks that can hide these when dressing nicely. It is simply a matter of dressing correctly when wearing tights. They must be functional, and in addition, harmonize well with the other upholstery.

The weather matters

Another factor that determines what type of tights one should wear is, of course, the weather and where the event is to be held. If it is winter or if you are going to stay longer while outdoors, it may be wise to get a little thicker tights that at least warm your legs. On such occasions, it may even be good to wear tights, even if the occasion in question is not particularly formal at all, mostly to keep warm. Conversely, of course, if it is very hot outside, in the middle of summer, for example. Then invest in a pair of thin tights that provide as much coolness as possible.

To summarize, it can thus be stated that there are still some special events and events where you should wear tights. But of course, there is no coercion and everyone does as they please. In general, it is just like with other dress codes, they are there to accompany and guide, but do not have to be followed. For the most part, they are intended for guests to have a feel for what the attire will be like so that they do not show up just too overcoat or underwear. You simply want to save your guests that nuance. In the end, it’s up to everyone whether they want to follow dress codes or not, and how to dress.

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