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Can you Pair Sneakers with a Dress?

It used to be a big “no-no” to wear sneakers to a dress.

But today, it’s not surprising to see someone who combines a summer dress and sneakers. If you, like me, do not feel comfortable in formal clothes, then this is a perfect combo! Sneakers can make an ornate outfit look a little more relaxed, as well as give you a sporty touch. We have figured out how to combine sneakers and dress in a feminine and trendy way.

How to use sneakers with a dress?

Looking for sneakers you can use on multiple occasions? Choose a pair of white sneakers! White sneakers can be worn either with a floral dress, wrap dress or maxi dress, yes most dresses!

If you choose to style white shoes for a dress, the focus will be on the dress instead of the shoes, and is, therefore, a good choice if you want to show off the dress!

So those of us who dare can choose a pair of little crazy sneakers that take a lot of attention! For example, consider a pair of chunky sneakers that are super trendy these days. You can combine the more eye-catching sneakers with a simple dress, but those who are real fashionistas would wear a really patterned statement dress too. Combine with sporty accessories such as a baseball cap or backpack.

White sneakers for dress

With white sneakers, you can never go wrong. White sneakers can be combined with a beautiful dress, but also, for example, a jumpsuit or a suit. The best thing about this outfit is that it makes it easier to wear my finest dresses, even every day. You no longer need to save dresses for occasions where you need to dress up! A pair of white Converse always makes an outfit more casual, giving a relaxed look, whether it’s a nice silk dress or a nice summer dress.

Sneakers and dress in the same color

Combining sneakers with a dress or skirt of the same color is very cool and trendy. Some people find it silly to match colors, but it can make for a great match. It is recommended that you choose a pair of sneakers in a color that you can easily combine with other clothes, so here you should think, pink, red or what about blue? If you think it is “too much” you can choose shoes in a different color tone than the dress. For example, if you dress in a bright pink dress, then choose lighter shoes!

Maximized style with statement sneakers and dress

Do you want a really cool outfit with sneakers? A casual dress, bucket hat and a pair of really “out there” sneakers. Chunky sneakers has been on and off in the fashion trend.  Choose a pair of plateau sneakers that stand out in the crowd! There is a lot to choose from here.

Sporty shoes for dress

There are many different types of sneakers that you can use for dresses. If you want to be on the safe side, a pair of classic Vans or a pair of neutral, flat sneakers is the safest choice. The next step is chunky sneakers.

If, on the other hand, you want to wear something else, you can use sporty running shoes. Stylish running shoes have really become trendy in recent years. The contrast between an elegant and fine dress, matched with running shoes is even stronger than with sneakers. So running shoes for the dress also works.

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