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Makeup Products You Should Have in Your Makeup Bag

Here in the first post, we have been thinking about how a good start-up kit could look like for someone who is a beginner or maybe just not as interested in makeup before. So here is a list of what we think each makeup bag should contain with tips on both more luxurious variants and good budget choices!


If you choose a liquid foundation or have skin that easily becomes shiny, you should also supplement with powder, otherwise, you will do well with a mineral foundation.


Be sure to choose a concealer that meets your needs. To cover dark circles under the eyes, you should choose a slightly thinner concealer in a ton of shade that is a little lighter than your skin and preferably draws a little to red (because red neutralizes blue), while a slightly heavier formula that tightens yellow covers finds better.


Choose a bronzer that is close to the shade your skin naturally gets when you are tanned. Matt bronzer works best if you want to use it to sculpt your face, while a bronzer with shimmer/luster gives a nice glow!


Pink rouge suits most, choose a cold variant that draws against blue if you have a cold skin tone, and a warm one that goes more to coral/apricot if you have warm skin tone. If you have a darker complexion, it can be very nice with a really sassy cereal pink.


Most makeup brands today have eyeshadow palettes with anything from two to dozens of eyeshadows in. If you don’t have eye shadows, I think it’s a great idea to start with one. Usually, it is cheaper per shade in a palette, and in addition, they are often selected to match each other and work well together. Brown in different shades fits most and often feels safe if you are a little above with eye makeup.

Eye Shadow Primer

Eye shadow primer may feel a little overpriced, and may not be the first thing you want to invest in, but it makes all the difference for how strong your eye makeup gets and how intense you can get your eyeshadows.

Eye Pen/Eyeliner

Eyeliner is an easy way to dramatically change your makeup look. Invest in partly a liquid eyeliner and an eye pen with which you can mark the eye contour and the waterline.


The foundation of many girls’ daily makeup routine. Try your way and choose which result you want. If you have long but sparse lashes fit a volume mascara, it is the opposite if you are investing in a long-lasting mascara.

Lip gloss

A skirt lip gloss with or without shimmer should all have at least one. Don’t like the sticky feeling? Choose a softer gloss or a lip balm instead.


Just as the perfect wardrobe should contain black, I think every makeup bag should contain a little red. In other words, a red lipstick in the perfect shade just for you, which makes you go from every day to partying in three seconds.

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