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How to Succeed With your Foundation Makeup

Perfect skin? Some are born with it, many are not. But surely there are ways to cheat on that perfect surface. Here are six tricks that prevent you from failing with your foundation.

Here’s how – step by step:


Make sure your skin is completely clean before you begin. Even if you haven’t had makeup on you, wash your face carefully with a cleanser tailored to your specific skin type and finish with a face wash.


When the skin is completely clean, apply moisturizing face cream. Allow the cream to sink well, about five minutes, before applying your foundation

Find the right light

Unfortunately, bathrooms do not always have the best light as they usually lack windows. Instead, find a place with good light, preferably daylight, where you get the most out of your makeup.

The right color

Invest in two different shades of your favorite foundation. A little darker than your skin tone and a slightly lighter one. Then mix to the right shade depending on the season and your current face color.

Test yourself on your jawline. When you can’t see your foundation, you have come as close to your own skin tone as possible.

Apply correctly

Primer with a primer that will keep your foundation lasting all day. Choose a variant that either gives a matte result or one that gives your skin a luster!

Start applying your foundation in the middle of your face and then work outwards and downwards – and work in the same direction as your facial hair. They may not be visible, but they are there, and if you apply cohabitation, the pores look smaller and the skin smoother.

Finish off

If you prefer a matte feel, you can finish by applying powder over your foundation. Otherwise, it is also possible to use only setting spray which will keep your makeup lasting all day and night!

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