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How to Find Your own Fashion Style

In fashion, the long-term is often talked about. The focus is on personal style, not fast trends. Fantastic and very difficult. How-to?

So having a personal style is not the same as being different and sticking out, but about reflecting the person you are, whether you want to be seen and be colorful or if you are a person who wants to be simple and discreet.

Everyone can “put on” a new style and change their exterior but personal style is much more than that. It is when YOU wear the clothes and not the clothes you wear, when there is harmony and a whole and when you feel one with the garment.

1. Easier shopping and environmental thinking

It makes it easier to shop for clothes and you do not have a wardrobe full of clothes that are not used. You know exactly which gold grains to choose from all the new ones that come in stores. This is also very good from an environmental point of view.

2. Increased credibility

A personal style is often linked to authenticity and credibility. You know yourself and are perceived by others as being yourself in all contexts. People are easier to interpret if you have a red thread in your style, you recognize “your brand”. Even if your style is consistent, you can dress up or down with different accessories and materials for parties or important meetings.

Find your style guide

Finding your personal style is not a quick fix and it may require several rounds of reflection and testing, but here is a mini-guide to help you get started on the process.

1. Describe how you want to be perceived

How does a person look like the words you choose? For example, what does a driven, strong and creative woman look like? What garments does she wear?

2. Select

Which garments in your wardrobe match the words you chose? What reactions do you usually get when you wear those clothes? Also, consider if you ever felt that you were in “sync” with your outfit; Wearing clothes that you experienced helped you to be perceived in the way you want, according to the words you chose earlier. Save these garments and see what they have in common.

3. Clear!

Look at all the clothes you rarely or never use! What do they have in common? Remind yourself this the next time you are in the store holding a similar garment.

4. Let the color speak

What colors best describe your inside? Just as a room can convey different emotions or take and energize with the help of color, so can your clothes, both for yourself and your surroundings.

5. Highlight!

Stand in front of the mirror and choose three body parts you are most satisfied with! Focus on these with the help of details or colors with the goal of highlighting rather than hiding. For example, choose a short necklace or sleek earrings to put the gaze upon the face. Instead of trying to hide your stomach, if you are less happy with it, with long accessories. The eyes are drawn to the details you wear.

Let your exterior show what you want

It may be important to reflect on your style if you are at a crossroads in your life and need to strengthen who you are to increase your chances of new opportunities such as a new job or a new partner. Changes in life, both positive and negative, create new values, new roles and development as a person often also requires the development of the style.

Changing the style can also be helpful if you feel that you are “stuck” in yourself or if you feel that you are being misunderstood for who you are, that you attract people you do not want or do not get the respect you want.

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