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How to Find the Perfect Primer

To make your makeup look perfect and last longer, you need to primer with a primer. We know which one is right for you!
A primer lays the foundation for a perfect makeup base. It makes your makeup even more even and helps it to sit better during the day.

The key to being happy with the result is choosing the primer according to your skin type. If you are dry in the skin, you can bet on a moisturizing primer, while someone with oily skin may need a primer that makes your skin matte and keeps excess oil in check. Tip! Don’t forget the eye shadow primer that saves any eye shadow from folding or rubbing away during the day.

Primer for dry skin

With the help of shea butter, the skin becomes soft and moisturized. Apply all over your face to your usual face cream. Find a primer with shea butter.

Hide pores

A classic in many makeup bags. This velvety primer settles into larger pores and smoothes the skin surface in a phenomenal way. The use of this is great if you have an overproduction of sebum and easily get oily skin in the t-zone.

Heat the primer between the fingers and then pat it into the skin where needed.

Primer for the eyes

An eye shadow primer that enhances your eye makeup and makes it sit like a rock all day. A rescuer for you if you have oily eyelids! Apply a thin layer and then use your fingers to smooth it over the entire eyelid (and under the eye if you wish). Allow to dry for a few seconds and then do your makeup as usual.

Primer with extra glow

For those who want a fresh base and who use a less coverage foundation, a luminous primer that is visible through your base can give an extra glow. For a mature or dry complexion, this primer can be excellent. Apply a thin layer all over your face when your day cream has sunk in properly.

Primer for oily & shiny skin

If you have oily and shiny skin you know that it can be difficult to get the makeup to sit in place all day. To tame the gloss, a depleting primer can do wonders. A velvety, often silicone-based, primer is applied primarily in the t-zone before makeup and ensures that your base does not melt away before lunch

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