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How to Find Your Clothing Style

When it comes to fashion, trends and styles, there are a whole host of options. A fact that for show makes it easier to find one’s own personal style, but for others, it will have the opposite effect and an overpowering mission. However, there are some factors that you should make sure if you are looking for the perfect style.

On the one hand, it should make sense that you chose that style at the same time as it gives a flattering result to your body type and colors.

Let the body type lead the way

Look in the mirror and say what you see. Are your hips and shoulders about the same width? Maybe you have hips that are slightly wider than your shoulders, in other words, a nicely marked waist or you may be more straight in the figure. It is about dressing up so that you emphasize what you like best, while what you want should not be hidden or camouflaged. In addition, I would like to add that there is one more rule; “You should feel comfortable”.

There is nothing more obnoxious than people who might dress quite right but who look insecure and go and pull and fix their clothes or try to hide with their arms crossed.

What skin tone do you have?

They also talk about dressing in warm and cold colors. The cold ones tend to reflect a bluer undertone while the warmer ones give a yellowish. The easiest way to investigate which one to choose is to step into any store, pick up two garments that are the same color but differ by pulling in different directions on the scale. It could, for example, be one in Christmas red, i.e. warm, and one in more reddish tones, cold.

When you then hold them both close to your face you will understand the difference and what they do for you and your face. (Unless you are one of the few lucky ones to dress in both.) One will allow double chin and dark rings under the eyes while the other creates a more luminous and uniform color in the skin.

Who are you?

Of course, it is not possible to come in from it to suit your personality and how you live. Some simply have a much more sporty attitude, while others feel more elegant and almost a little fitted. As a result, it also comes quite naturally to choose clothes accordingly.

What you can think of if you feel that you are stuck somewhere outside of the style scale by, for example, only wearing cozy pants and linen or jeans and a cardigan is to continue as you did and in what you enjoy but add something extra to complete the look. It may be about accessories or perhaps replacing some garments with a different color. Shawls are something that makes sense and if you are sporty but would like to feel more feminine or more trendy then why not add bigger necklaces and a pair of heels instead of the usual shoes?

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