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Eye Shadow Makeup Tips for Beginners

An eye shadow can make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. If you want, you can always use eye shadow when applying foundation, but varying shade depending on fashion. Here are some simple tips and tricks:

– If you want an eye shadow that lasts all day – use a primer.  It improves the pigmentation of the eye shadow, the color becomes even and it stays on all day.

– If your eyeshadows have a tendency to add which folds on your eyelid, it is because the eyelid is too fat. It may be due to facial oils or the foundation.  To avoid this, you can put a thin layer of transparent powder on the eyelid before applying your eyeshadow.

– If you use an eye shadow that is fully pigmented, there is a great risk that the shadow will fall and lie under the eyes. To avoid this, gently remove any excess shade after dipping the brush into the shade. alternatively, make up your eyes before applying foundation. This way you do not have to reapply your foundation and risk getting cakey.

– Study your eye shape and make up your eyes. For example, if you have smaller eyes, you can put the shadow up and out to help the eye open up and look bigger. Also, use light colors.

– Use colors that accentuate your eye color. Brown eyes are very good for blue, the darker eyes the darker blue you should use. Golden shadows make brown eyes look bigger. If you have blue eyes, you should choose warm tones such as bronze or orange, it will make the eyes stand out very much. Pink and gray are also very suitable for blue eyes. If you have green eyes, choose between different shades of purple.

– Use the right brushes! It can make a huge difference in how your makeup sits and looks.

– Do you want to add eyeshadow like a pro? Spray some mist on the brush after dipping it in the shade. In this way, the pigment is enhanced and the shade sits extra well on the eyelid.

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