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Double your Shoes Life with 5 Simple Tips

Now you can change this mismatch and clean your shoes. Fashion designer Janne Lax has a number of tips that make your shoes last much longer.

1. Shoe block

Shoe blocks are not just for neat gentlemen in Oxford. The shoe blocks is a cheap attire for everyone, not just luxury shoes.

– Use shoe blocks even when it is not raining outside. The shoes are still moist on the inside.

The shoe block prevents wrinkles, creases and cracks in the shoe. As the leather dries, the shoe does not lose shape with a shoe block. Allow the shoes to dry overnight.

Anyone who puts suede shoes on in rainy weather looks stupid.
Although the Internet and e-magazines are gaining ground, there is still use for the paper magazine.

Some fill the shoes with newsprint, but it does not support the shoe as much as a shoe block. If you put your shoes in winter repositories, the newspaper works well.

– A shoe block pushes the shoes a little hard if it is long in the shoe.

2. Rotation

An ice hockey team rotates their chains so players can recover for the next heroic effort on the ice. The same goes for shoes.

– Even a shoe needs rest.

If you let the shoes rest you also give them a chance to get rid of the smell of moldy cheese.

– Especially sports shoes are good to put out on the balcony.

3. Regular care

If there is time to follow strangers’ morning meal on social media, there is also time to clean the shoes. Invest on regularity.

– Already shoe polish once a month does wonders.

The trimming itself is simple. Remove the laces, wipe the shoes off with a damp cloth and place on a thin layer of shoe liner. There are of course different creams, waxes and fats. Then polish the shoes with a brush.

To avoid dried white salt edges on the shoes, wipe them off with a damp cloth when you get home. In this way, the shoe becomes evenly moist and avoids white salt edges.

Does olive oil work as a protection for the shoes?

– Just about anything that keeps the leather soft works.

4. Use common sense

So choose shoes according to the weather, no matter how boring it sounds. The weather may decide the choice of shoe.

– Whoever puts suede shoes on in rainy weather looks stupid.

Overshoes also work in case you do not want to bring change shoes.

5. Visit the shoemaker in time

A visit costs, but becomes cheaper in the long run. Remember to bring the shoes to the cobbler before there is a hole in the bottom.

Quality shoes are of course more expensive, but they can also be repaired.

Identifying a quality shoe is not easy, says Janne Lax. Even cheap shoes can look well made at first glance.

– Fragrance on the shoe. Does it smell genuine leather or does the whole shop smell plastic?

Unfortunately, cheaper shoes often cannot be repaired and thus become wear and tear products. In the long run it is a more expensive alternative. Both economically and ecologically.

– We can no longer afford to buy shoes that are thrown in the garbage after they are broken.

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