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Five Beauty Tips you can Use use At Home

Here are our tip beauty tips that you can use at home that includes everything from how to avoid fry skin to frizzy hair – using regular products from your home.

 Frizzy hair

Here’s how: An oil wrap softens the hair and gives the hair shine. If you do oil wraps regularly, you nourish your hair to keep it soft and healthy. Do the packing before the usual hard wash. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and a whisked egg for half an hour in the hair. Then wash as usual.

After the hair wash – finish by rinsing the hair with a “sour rinse” of 0.5 deciliters of apple cider vinegar in 5 deciliters of water and finish with cold water. An acid rinse closes the scales on the hairs, is softening and shiny, while stabilizing the ph balance in the scalp and scalp.

When your hair is still moist, you can squeeze in a few drops of jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil in the tops and lengths.

Tip! You can also do the hair wrap with coconut oil which provides a lot of nutrition, sesame oil if you have normal hair or jojoba oil if you have normal hair but irritated scalp. Supplements of biotin, vitamins A and B5, as well as the amino acid cysteine are often recommended to strengthen the hair.

Avoid: Drying shampoos with strong surfactants such as sulfates and conditioners with mineral oils such as paraffin oil or silicone.

Red-faced, dry face

Here’s how: Peel dry skin once every two weeks with some oatmeal, which acts as a moisturizer and removes dead skin cells. Oatmeal contains the beta-hatch, which forms a thin film and penetrates egg yolk, oatmeal face mask in the skin to provide much-needed moisture.
Cleanse your face every night with a splash of water and a few drops of jojoba oil on a cotton pad and wipe your face clean.
Jojoba oil balances sebum production and helps with both dry and easily irritated skin and oily skin with acne. It is also good for wrinkled, rough and aged skin.
Make a moisturizing face mask 1-2 times a week with a whipped egg yolk and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Brush on and let work for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and finish with cold water.

Tip! Add omega-3 supplements and make a hemp protein smoothie that has an optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3.

Avoid: If you have dry skin, do not use alcohol-based products or face-drying soaps, but use oil-based skincare instead.

Oily skin or acne

Here’s how: Honey softens and cleanses at the same time as it is curative and easy to kill bacteria. It also removes dead skin cells. First, scrub the skin with lemon water by rubbing the juice into the honey face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse. Do this once a week.

Then massage the honey into the face and let it sit for 15 minutes.
Finish by dipping on a few drops of a dry, cold-pressed, organic oil such as rosehip seed oil.

Tip! Eat nutritious food and take supplements of multivitamins and multiminerals, with extra supplements of vitamins A and B5 as well as zinc, selenium and omega-3.

Avoid: Everything that contains mineral oils such as petroleum jelly, paraffin that clogs the pores.

Cracked and dry lips

A homemade white chocolate ointment is nice and softening to the lips and smells wonderfully good of white chocolate.
This white chocolate ointment is based on natural waxes and organic vegetable oils.
• 15 grams of beeswax
• 7 grams of shea butter
• 15 grams of cocoa butter
• 15 milliliters of jojoba oil
• 15 milliliters of apricot kernel oil
Do this:
• Place the hard fats in a heat-resistant stainless steel vessel.
• Boil water into a water bath in a saucepan that is larger than the vessel.
• Once the wax has melted, add the vegetable oils. The wax solidifies a bit of the cold oil, but it immediately melts.
• Heat and stir with a wooden stick until everything melts.
• Lift the vessel out of the water bath.
• Pour the ointment into jars, or pour into lip balm tubes, fill to just over half. Wait to put the lid on until the ointment has completely cooled.
• Refrigerate for an hour or wait until the next day before screwing in for the first time.
The kit is enough for two jars of 30 milliliters, or 12 lip serate sleeves of five milliliters.
Avoid: Lip products containing mineral oils such as petroleum jelly and paraffin which create “addiction” and do not add any nutrition.


Here’s how: Usually it’s not dandruff, but a dry scalp. Then you can opt-out of shampoo completely and use this method, which means that you do not use traditional shampoo, or nettle against dandruff hair much less often, as we generally wash our hair way too often, which makes it dry out.
You can also rinse the hair with nettle water which gives the hair shine and prevents dandruff and hair loss. Use a shampoo that contains essential oil of tea tree that regulates fat production and is effective against dandruff. Bergamot oil is also antifungal in dandruff, dandruff eczema and other fungal diseases of the scalp. Recipes on how to make your own dandruff shampoo can be found at

Tip! Many also experience a great improvement in eliminating gluten from their diet.

Avoid: Traditional dandruff shampoos containing zinc pyrite. The substance is added in dandruff shampoos to kill and eradicate the natural yeast fungus in the scalp. Furthermore, when zinc pyrite enters the seas, it damages fish and living organisms.

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