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7 Great Makeup Tips to Look Amazing

You don’t have to be a professional to learn makeup tips and use them. It is often important today that you look good whatever you do, but for that you need time and it is, unfortunately, a shortage. Therefore, one must know how to best take advantage of time.

Fortunately, this routine is great and easy to follow. You will find that with just a little effort you will be able to look fresh and radiant!

7 makeup tips that make you look amazing

1. How to use rouge in the best way

Rouge is the makeup that gives you a little more color on the face. Often you apply and brush it out quickly. But all you really do is make the makeup area bigger.

To avoid this, you need to know how to apply the right amount of rouge to the cheeks. The idea is that just a small touch of light should accentuate your bone structure and give a more attractive effect.

How to apply rouge:

Don’t have too much blush on the brush. It is better to put on several layers of the product instead of having to remove excess. In many cases, you have to wash your face and start over.

When applying rouge or paint, do so just below the cheek line.

Without taking more blush on the brush, blur the lines with light circular motions. To make it easier to see your cheeks, you can let them sink in by sucking in your cheeks.

Once you have applied the rouge, continue and make a thin line of a lighter color just below the cheek line. But do not leave it as a line that looks excessively white or done up.

With a slightly smaller brush than the one you just used, soften the effect of the enlightenment as you approach the hairline.

2. How to apply mascara without getting it on the skin

The eyelashes are the easiest part of makeup, and also the most visible. Nevertheless, some make it complicated to apply mascara.

This is mainly because many do not know how to apply the mascara correctly. The result is thick and excessive. It is also difficult not to apply mascara to the skin when applying it. To help, follow one of the pros’ secret tips:

Take a clean, dry spoon.

When applying the mascara to the upper lashes, place the spoon over the eyelids. This way you get a protective shield that prevents the mascara brush from rubbing the skin.

3. How to make the perfect line with an eyeliner

The line can be cat-like, Egyptian or mundane. Whatever you choose, you need a small piece of tape. Some use a small ruler.

The most popular trick is tape, and it can be used like this:

    • Put the tape so it follows the line of the eyelashes.
    • Follow the line with the eyeliner.
    • Carefully remove the tape.
    • Done! You now have a perfect eyeliner line.

4. How to make lipstick last longer

To make lipstick last longer, you just need a small piece of toilet paper, a brush and some transparent compact powder. The latter is what helps to make it sit longer. It also prevents the lipstick from being smeared and left on the skin.

How to use:

  • Moisten your lips with some cocoa butter, petroleum jelly or softening cream.
  • Fill in the contours of the lips and then add the color you want.
  • Put a piece of toilet paper over them to soak up excess paint.
  • Apply a little compact powder with a brush. It helps to “attach” the color.
  • NOTE: This is a makeup tip that has double effects, so be careful. By applying some powder, the lips become dull. If that’s what you want, great! But if you want to keep the shiny look, be careful.

5. Almost like eyelashes

If you want the effect of eyelashes without using them, this is the tip for you. As we all know, eyelashes are beautiful and can make your eyes look amazing.

The following beauty tips give your eyelashes more volume as if you had false eyelashes:

  • Apply a thin layer of mascara to the lashes.
  • Apply some compact pads to the lashes while still moist.
  • Add another layer of mascara.

6. How to use eyeshadow

Eye shadow may be colorful but may lose its intensity over time. It can also be a color when you look at it, but be another on the eyelids. This is one of the most useful makeup tips.

First, apply a white shadow to the eyelid and then the color of the eyeshadow you want. Believe it or not, the white base gives life to the main color by emphasizing the color.

7. Spray fixing

When you are done with the makeup, you will find that some products such as powder, foundation and everything you have done in general have been collected on the skin. It makes it look dry and cardboard-like. No danger, because the following makeup tips will help you!

Spray some fixation when you are done with the makeup. It helps with several things.

    • Helps make-up last longer.
    • Retains the natural look of the face.
    • Lightens the face without brightening it up too much.

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