5 Home Remedies for Perfect Face Complexion

Rosemary water can help us reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness on the face that can occur due to cold or hormonal changes.

We all want healthy, soft and perfect complexion on the face. Sometimes you can spend large sums of money on beauty treatments that do not always achieve the desired result. But don’t worry! In this article, we will give you some simple and cheap home remedies that can help you to get perfect skin.

Advice for healthy and beautiful skin

As you know, your complexion is a reflection of your health. Well-moisturized skin that is elastic and free from red spots is partly the result of a good diet with sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. However, it is not so easy to get this perfect complexion, as factors such as the sun, wind. and hormonal changes tend to get in the way and cause acne.

But these effects can be counteracted with some simple home remedies that you can use almost daily if you wish. We do not want to urge you to abandon the creams you use every day. See these home remedies as interesting, simple and inexpensive methods that can complement your current facial care. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Exfoliant with oatmeal and bicarbonate

This exfoliant should be used at most once a week. What results can you expect? A shiny, youthful and perfect complexion. It cleanses dead skin cells from your pores and improves circulation. It is a simple home remedy that contains no chemicals. It gives you an excellent treatment for your skin and lets your natural beauty shine through.

How to prepare it? Easy! You just need two spoons of oatmeal, a spoonful of bicarbonate and a little water. You mix the ingredients well until you get some kind of cream. The important thing is that it is thick enough for you to be able to apply it to your skin. Lubricate it on the face with circular movements for about 15 minutes to exfoliate the skin and eliminate dead skin cells. Then rinse with warm water. You will notice how good it is!

2. Face tones with green tea for a perfect complexion

This is an excellent home remedy to soften and activate your skin. It is good to use morning and evening as it cleans the skin and promotes circulation. All you have to do is prepare a cup of green tea with two bags. When it has boiled and allowed to rest, place it in the fridge for a while. When it is cold, you wet a cotton swab with it and apply it to your face. You will notice immediate relief and a more toned complexion.

3. How to eliminate red spots

Sometimes you may get red spots as a result of seasonal changes, cold or less hormonal changes. But fear not! You can get rid of this with a simple home remedy made of honey and rosemary water. These ingredients are great when it comes to reducing inflammation as well as treating, curing and renewing your skin.

You just need to make a decoction with three sprigs of rosemary and 120 ml of water. Let it boil and then add three tablespoons of honey. When it is lukewarm (not hot), apply it with a cotton swab or a small compress on the face, and let it work for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water and apply a moisturizing cream. You will love this cure.

4. How to treat blackheads

Who doesn’t have blackheads? It is very common, especially on the nose, and something that we try to fight already in young years. A good way to eliminate them a few at a time is through a simple treatment consisting of natural yogurt and lemon.

You don’t need more than two tablespoons of yogurt and lemon juice. Make a well-mixed cream and apply it to the worst affected area of the face. Let work for 20 minutes and then rinse with water. If you do this every day, you will see results.

5. How to eliminate or reduce the appearance of small scars on the face

Acne can sometimes leave prominent marks that do not disappear over time. Wounds that leave scars are something we usually hide with make-up and something that really disturbs us. How do you get rid of these? What can you do to make them disappear step by step?

A perfect home remedy is the oil from white musk. You can easily find it in the form of creams in health food stores and also in perfumeries, and they are not very expensive. All you need to do is to consistently apply the cream daily with a cotton swab through a light massage that re-activates the circulation and thus allows the oil to really get into the epidermis. Day by day, with consistent use, you will notice that the scar is becoming less prominent.

Remember that these treatments are effective only if you are consistent and apply them every day. Many of the creams on the market tend to be more expensive even though they have the same effects, so to get perfect skin it is a smart choice to take advantage of these natural ingredients, which are free of chemical substances and used by people for generations. Don’t miss them!

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