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10 Great Tips for Beautiful Hair

Take care of your hair! With 10 simple everyday tips and light routines, you can enjoy longer shiny hair with healthy volume and a full stature.

Create your own nighttime sleep by sleeping with the conditioner in your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner to the lengths before drying your hair. A daily variant is to rinse out the conditioner just sloppily before blow-drying. Here you will find all shampoos and conditioners.

Heat Shield

Whether you use curling iron and pliers daily or more rarely, it is important to always protect your hair from the wear and tear of heating tools. Apply a heat-protecting product to the lengths of the hair and the same applies before blow-drying the hair.

Dry shampoo

Dry out a few days extra for the next wash using a dry shampoo. The refreshed miracle method that simultaneously creates volume, stature and a fantastic starting point for styling.

Coconut oil

The cold-pressed coconut oil is available in grocery stores and works great as a serum or leave-in overnight.

Keep the brush clean

As a routine, wash your hairbrush from dirt and oils using a mild shampoo about once a month.

Never fall asleep with wet hair

It is just as tempting as devastating to go straight from the shower to the bed. As a rule, never fall asleep with wet hair, and as a reward, you avoid porous hair that easily goes off.

Hot packaging

Boost your wrap by wrapping your hair in a warm towel while the product is working or for a while in the hot sauna for extra effect.

Sleep with braids

Eliminate tangled and electric hair by braiding the lengths before sleeping and getting free waves or curls on the bargain.

Build beautiful hair from the ground up by always blow-drying in the growth direction of the hair, which closes the hair and creates an extra glossy result.


A cotton or jersey pillowcase can make the hair messy and electric. Maintain hair quality by investing in a pillowcase in silk and getting a finer hair quality on the bargain.

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