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How to Style Jeans with High Waist

1. Tuck in your top. A little trick to get it perfect … plug in the top, stretch your arms, then just go out just enough material, lower your arms, ready!

2. Tie a knot on the top. Many T-shirts and tops are too long for it to be neat to put them in, there will be too much material under the waistband. Tie a knot instead, it will also be a nice styling detail.

3. Wear a short top. It may sound very obvious, but a crop top or shorter sweater naturally highlights the waistline so that your high-waist jeans really come into their own!

4. Add a longer cardigan or jacket/jacket over a short top and high jeans for a nice balance in the outfit.

5. Let the top have volume, it will be the most stylish, but not so much volume that you look like a ball with two sticks sticking out. (Alternatively a candy club).

6. Insert a small portion of a long top midway across the button. The rest of the top then drapes nicely over the hips on each side, giving you a narrower silhouette. Extra good for it (hm, hm, me) with some added kilos in the luggage after Christmas.

7. Mark the waist with a belt. Wear a nice look to the jeans with high waist, then the waist is even more marked and you get very nice hourglass figure.

8. Choose the right size. Sounds simple, but is so important. If they are too big they will bounce down and give you a very strange extra-long pelvis, and if they are too small then it will bubble over the edges to make a freshly baked muffin. (Which iofs doesn’t matter so much for who doesn’t like freshly baked muffins?)

9. Select stretch material. When the jeans are so high up you will get off in the middle when you sit down, unless you have chosen stretch. Just sayin! Look for at least 2% elastane.

10. Avoid shiny or overly thin materials. We almost all have a little extra on the stomach and that extra is magnified times a hundred and is seen extra clearly in thin and / or glossy fabric.

11. Make sure they really sit right in your natural waist, not above or below. The whole thing with high waist jeans is that they should give you that nice waist, then they should also sit right there and do not content yourself otherwise look further. Only the best is good enough!

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