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How Long Does Makeup Last and how can you Extend its Life Lenght?

How long do you not have your favorite products lying around? Far too long, in many cases.  Maybe you can’t get hold of them anymore, maybe they have expired or are just there. The favorite makeup product actually has a best-before expiration date. Unfortunately.

This is how long your makeup lasts

Rule: Products that have a lot of water and oil in them (are wet) have a shorter service life.

Pay attention to smell and texture. Endure before you get into trouble. Has the product changed color, separated itself or smelled strange? Then throw it away.

Lipstick and lip gloss:

The life of lipstick is about 1 1/2 years. Use the brush to extend the service life. The lip gloss lasts about a year. Tubes and closed packages last longer than products you put your fingers in!

Surface Creams:

Foundations, BB and CC creams have a shelf life of about 2 years. The more coverage and drier the longer the durability. Use a sponge that you clean thoroughly. Completely dry foundation lasts the longest.

Makeup Sponge

Choose one that is easy to clean. preferably you should clean it every day with a mild shampoo and allow it to dry on a small grate that permeates the moisture. Change once a month.


This is the most critical product in your makeup bag. It contains a lot of liquid and the brush goes back and forth between maybe not too clean fringes and the container. Life span: about 6 months. Replace if it starts to smell nasty. Otherwise, you may develop eye inflammation. And don’t lend the mascara to even your best friend.

Eye shadow

You can basically use a dry powder eyeshadow until it runs out. Many mineral eyeshadows today, contain pure minerals with a high lifespan without the need to add parabens. Cream eyeshadows last for about 2 years.

The eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner should be replaced after 6-8 months as it is used near the lashes which may contain bases for bacterial growth. A quill pen can last for 1 1/2 years if you sharpen it frequently and use a good and protective sleeve.


You can use a dry rouge until it ends if the lid protects it. A creamy rouge or pin should be more careful. If you are lucky it can last for about 2 years.


Powders are basically durable until they run out. Be careful of the tools and clean frequently. Does it start to crumble? Throw!

Tip: Make-up and skincare products must be labeled with a durability symbol or best date. You recognize it on a small jar with a number on it. A 6th means 6 months, etc.

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