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Makeup for Your Eyes: Our Top Tips

Here we give you tips on how to make yourself look better and strengthen your features. Many people prefer a simple and natural make-up of the day with skin-close, neutral tones. For evenings and parties, it can be fun to dress up with darker or bolder colors.

Makeup for the day

Choose a natural eyeshadow and apply it lightly around your glove line – the line that marks the end of the eyelid. Then use a light shade under your eyebrows to give your look the “little extra lift”. This is also a great way to frame your eyebrows. Then apply eyeliner or kajal in the color you want to intensify your look.

Use a mascara that suits your lashes. Use a small brush if you have short lashes and a larger brush for longer lashes. If you have straight lashes, a curved brush fits. Apply the mascara from the fringes to the tops with zigzag movements. Two thinner layers give better results than one thick.

Makeup for the evening

Choose the shade of your eyeshadow depending on the makeup you want. With many different color choices in your “makeup wardrobe” you can change color according to mood, dress, and occasion. Liquid eyeliner gives a dramatic and defined look. If you are using eyelashes, eyeliner is a great way to hide the lash line. One tip is to first paint a line with the pen along the lash line, then it will be easier to apply the eyeliner to this.

An inliner is a quay and contour pen. Choose a light shade to “open up” the eye or a dark one to get a more intense look. Choose mascara according to the length of your lashes. Apply from the root to the fringe with zigzag movements.

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