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How to Match Your Watch With your Outfit

The watch is something that, in recent years, has finally made a great return as a style-conscious accessory for men. This after being absent on a lot of wrists for a time when many people considered that the clock worked just as well to have on the phone. Now the wristwatch is starting to become an accessory that most men (and women) actually want to wear as an expression of both style and interest. The situation is clearly reflected in the market, which is filled with both new and old players.

How, then, should you think when choosing a watch for your outfit? Previously, there were fairly clear “rules” for what could be carried to what, while most rules today are blurred, with a few exceptions. For example, the wristwatch should be avoided on formal occasions when wearing a coat or other holiday costume.

Should you necessarily have a watch on you, the pocket watch is more appropriate instead. The purpose of the post, however, is not to say what you get and can’t do, but the idea is rather to inspire and open your eyes to how, by wearing a watch, you can help to put a personal touch on your expression

Match colors

When wearing a watch with leather bracelets, the color of the strap should be matched as far as possible with the leather on your shoes. Brown bracelet, brown shoes. Here you can also count the color of the belt. Thinking about: Don’t go for exaggeration, it doesn’t have to be the exact same type of leather on both your wrist, feet and around your waist. So it is excellent to match a brown leather bracelet with brown suede shoes.

Match metals

If you wear steel / white gold/platinum on your wrist, white metal is also preferred around your finger, in the belt buckle, and in the cufflinks if you wear them. The same applies to both yellow and red metals.

Less is more

As with most things in life – less is more. If you have a nice watch, it is not necessary to have lots of bracelets, rings, cufflinks, belts, bracelets – yes you understand. On the other hand, a watch that is matched with a handsome bracelet can be extremely nice but be careful not to scratch each other.

In addition to the above tips, there is not really much more to relate to, because after all it is the contrasts that put the character on your style. Although it is free to do as you please, you should think about what is done and what is unique.

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