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How to get Beautiful and Perfect Nails

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Fine nails give nicer hands. Here are ten nail tips that will give you finer and healthier nails.

1. Keep your nails clean

Of course, this is the first step towards more beautiful nails. You clean them regularly. If you allow dirt and infections to take place inside your nails, you lose the chance to repair them and give them the luster back. And there is nothing more disgusting than nails full of dirt. Give your nails time and attention and they will be fine.

2. Don’t beat your nails

It’s as important as keeping them clean. Biting, poking with them or pulling things with your nails is like inviting damage to your nails.

3. File your nails regularly

It keeps them in shape and makes them look good. When you file your nails, dirt and other harmful particles along with dead skin cells also disappear. When your old skin cells are gone, replace them with new fine skin that makes your nails look even better.

4. Have someone give you professional manicure and pedicure

Allowing a professional to work with your nails makes them stronger and finer instantly.

5. Take care of the cuticles

Many women avoid biting their nails, but they end up biting the cuticles instead. Biting the cuticles destroys nail growth. Taking care of the cuticles is one of the most important things to do because cuticles protect your nails from infections. All you have to do is massage them with cuticle cream/oil sometimes. In this way, you maintain a good blood circulation which helps to make the nails grow better.

6. Avoid acetone

Yes, you heard right. Acetone is like poison for your nails. It dries up the nails but also removes the natural luster of the nails. When your nails lose their luster, not even the best nail polish can save them.

7. Lubricate the nails

The best way to take care of your nails is to keep them greased and moisturized. There is no special rule for which moisturizer you use but use one of good quality. You can use the same cream you use for your hands.

8. Use a good nail polish for the nails

Let the base coat/undercoat dry properly so the nail polish stays longer on the nails.

9. Have the right shoes

Having the right shoes is also important for maintaining perfect nails. Your toenails should be comfortable in your shoes and not “feel” choked or prevented from growing.

10. Eat well

Everything we have written here is great ways to taking care of your nails but it is equally important what you eat. Whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, protein-rich seafood and fiber make a big difference. Drinking plenty of water also gives your nails more luster and resilience to your nails.

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