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How to Get Beautiful and Perfect Nails

Your nails are everything. Nicer nails give nicer hands and truly enhance your complete look.

Well-kept nails never go out of time or style, and new seasonal trends keep our creativity in terms of colors, shapes, and lengths.

Going to a salon and getting your nails done is something that many people spend a lot of money on. At a salon, there are trained staff who can both extend your nails and change shape as desired. Some go to a salon for their convenience, while others do their nails at the salon because they simply do not know how to do it themselves. Today, there are many different kits, varnishes, and remedies that you can use to get nice nails in the home.

Fine nails give nicer hands. Well-manicured nails and hands make you feel better and feel fresher, it is not really much needed for fine nails, but you need to take care of them regularly and use nail oil. Here are our best tips for getting beautiful and healthy nails.

1. Keep your nails clean

This is the most basic and important step for nice and healthy nails. You clean them regularly. If you allow dirt and infections to take place inside your nails, you lose the chance to repair them and give them the luster back. And there is nothing more disgusting than nails full of dirt. Give your nails time and attention and they will be fine.

2. Take good care of your nails

Avoid biting your nails. This is as important as keeping them clean. Biting, poking with them, or subjecting them to stress and wear and tear is not good for the health and look of your nails. Subjecting them to stress and wear is like inviting damage to your nails.

3. File your nails regularly

Make it a habit to file your nails regularly. Doing so keeps them in shape and makes them look good. When you file your nails, dirt, and other harmful particles along with dead skin cells also disappear. When your old skin cells are gone, you will replace them with new fresh skin that makes your nails look even better.

File the length and shape on the front of the nail with a file for natural nails. If the file is too coarse, you destroy the nail. With the wrong file, the nails can start to split and break.

4. Have someone give you professional manicure and pedicure

Allowing a professional to work with your nails makes them stronger and finer instantly. Doing manicure regularly can prove to be expensive, but every now and then, you can invest in thorough refreshing and cleaning of your nails. You can then look after them meanwhile using all the tips in this article.

5. Take care of the cuticles

Many women avoid biting their nails, but they end up biting the cuticles instead. Biting the cuticles destroys nail growth. Taking care of the cuticles is one of the most important things to do because cuticles protect your nails from infections. Make sure to massage them with cuticle cream/oil sometimes. In this way, you maintain a good blood circulation which helps to make the nails grow better.

Furthermore, carefully push back your cuticles with a pusher, preferably in metal. If you have none, you can take the spoon side on a thin teaspoon (turn it upside down). Cut away any edges with a cuticle bar or cuticle scissors.

6. Avoid acetone

Yes, you heard that right. Acetone is like poison for your nails. It dries up the nails but also removes the natural luster of the nails. When your nails lose their luster, not even the best nail polish can save them.

7. Lubricate the nails

The best way to take care of your nails is to keep them greased and moisturized. There is no special rule for which moisturizer you use but use one of good quality. You can use the same cream you use for your hands.

Oiling the cuticle and the nail bed gives strong, flexible nails. Massage the nail oil before you go to bed and it will have the chance to work during the night.

A similar treatment you can do with a serum you have at home, or why not a face mask that you drop into a pair of gloves overnight or in front of a television series?

Another tip is to wrap your hands in a foot cream, preferably with a moisturizing serum underneath. Then you have guaranteed soft hands in the morning!

8. Use a good nail polish for the nails

Let the base coat/undercoat dry properly so the nail polish stays longer on the nails. Polish the surface and front edge of your nails with a two- or three-step polisher. The nails should be shiny. It protects the nail from dehydration, slicing, and also the nail polish sits better and longer.

9. Have the right shoes

Having the right shoes is also important for maintaining perfect nails. Your toenails should be comfortable in your shoes and not “feel” choked or be prevented from growing.

10. Eat well

When it comes to beautiful nails, it is important to take good care of them. But the fact is that it is not only about external factors. It is equally important what you eat. Whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruits, protein-rich seafood, and fiber make a big difference. Drinking plenty of water also gives your nails more luster and resilience to your nails.


Peeling dead skin cells from the nail plate and cuticle is, according to many professionals, the most important step to healthy nails. It helps nail oils penetrate and work, and provides a good surface for subsequent painting.

You can use the same exfoliation or acid that you have on your face to do a treatment on the top of the hand and on the cuticles. But don’t forget to use a hand cream with SPF as well.

12. Be careful with the scissors

A small chip that stands straight up is okay to cut off, but avoid cutting the cuticles by yourself at home.


Time for painting. For best durability and results, always use undercoat, two coats of paint, and one layer of topcoat. Let the varnish rest for three minutes. Then brush on cuticle oil on the nail polish. The oil causes the surface of your varnish to dry faster and if you accidentally hit something, you usually do not get marks. Finish with hand cream, lubricate your hands, cuticles, and nail polish surface.

Bonus tips for healthier nails

The quality of the nails depends to some extent on hereditary factors. Some are born with strong nails, while others have sensitive nails that often become dry and or crack. But the quality of the nails also depends on your lifestyle and health. The nails show how you feel! Everything from injuries to illnesses and even mental shock or trauma can make the nail surface uneven.

  • Give your nails an extra boost a few nights a week with nail oil under the nail tip. The more often you lubricate, the better and nicer nails you will get.
  • Do you use nail polish? Use a base coat under the nail polish to protect against any discoloration
  • Feel free to lubricate your hands with a hand cream or nutritious skincare oil before you go to bed, so the oil can work all night (you can also mix cream and oil if you want)
  • Use gloves to wash or clean, which includes water with detergent, the agent dries out your hands and nails
    replace regular soap with an oil-based one

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