How to do Your Makeup When you Get Older

Beauty has no age – but you may need some help in getting the most out of your makeup.

As we grow older, our face changes. Primarily, it is our skin that changes, losing its original luster and smoothness. This is nothing negative per se. Embrace your signs of aging and see it as signs of a rich life with lots of memories and experience accumulated along the way.

Many people live with the conception that you can’t or shouldn’t use makeup when you get older, but this is completely false! You can look amazing with makeup when you are older, but to get the most out of it, you may need to change and adapt your makeup strategy in order to look as flawless as possible and make the most out of your makeup. Whilst you should embrace your face and be happy with yourself, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve and refine your look with some makeup.

Some people are also deterred from using makeup as they grow older as it can be difficult to get the wonderful glam and glow that you used to get when you were younger. But the fact is that it doesn’t have to be. You just need to adapt your use of makeup products and application methods in order to highlight your wonderful lines accordingly. Most importantly, you want to avoid the common makeup mistakes that will make you look older.

To help you along the way, we share our best tips on what you should think about when doing your makeup if you are getting older and want to look as good as possible with makeup.

How to do your makeup when you get older

SkinCare: Remove dark spots

Cavities and dark rings are a consequence of the skin of the face at this age often losing a little of its volume. Aqualia Thermal Eye serum from Vichy both soothes and strengthens and reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes.s

If you have uneven and pigmented skin and are unhappy with it, it is not too late to do anything about it all. Choose a day cream that reduces dark spots while moisturizing and tightening.

Make-up: Use more color

Help yourself to a more attractive face with even more color than before. Use a Cream Blush to moisturize and lift and shape the appearance of the cheeks that contains antioxidant protection.

Most importantly, however, is a perfectly laid base as it gives a smoother and thus more youthful impression. Invest in a custom-made kit consisting of foundation, concealer, loose powder, and a highlighter (light-reflecting product).

Refrain from eye shadows that have a glitter effect as they highlight wrinkles, and skip the mascara on the lower lashes to get a more open look.

Give yourself fuller lips by using a lipstick in a soft lip-close color, as well as investing in creamy lip colors that give a fuller impression. Then dare to use really intense colors when it’s party time.

More color on both eyes, mouth, and cheek in evening lighting causes the wrinkles to blur a bit – and you look younger. Was the end result too dull? Finish off with a moisturizing spray that provides shine and luster.

Makeup: Dare sooty eyes and blush

Now, the difference between a nude and a face provided with makeup is incredibly clear.

Moisture is, as always, very important. Do not neglect the night cream. It tightens dry facial skin.

Apply to a foundation adapted for drier skin, which also lifts a little closer and contains light reflective pigments. Dior’s Capture Total Radiance Reveal Tinted Moisturizer is tailor-made for the skin that has lost its own glow with age. Feel free to apply a serum that provides extra moisture and resilience, such as a Morning Skin Serum.

Dare to go to parties in dramatically sooty eyes too – it looks sexy. Here’s how: shade with skin-tinted eye shadow, then add a line of dark hair along the fringe (both up and down). Blur the line a little softly. Then apply a dark powder-eyeshadow on top of the blurred and last but not least, provide the lashes with copious amounts of mascara. Voilà! But if you choose the sooty look, leave your lips a little lighter so that competition does not arise.

Rouge is of course very important. The color of the cheeks gives both a more attractive impression and lifts the face a bit. Apply the rouge to the cheekbone, not underneath.

Well-eyed eyebrows are a must as heavy eyebrows weigh down and contribute to a tired look. If you choose to do your lips in deliciously strong colors, then invest in matte formulas that will not slip out into the fine wrinkles around your mouth. If the result feels too dry then add a little lip gloss on the middle of the lower lip.


Makeup is not everything. You also need to give your skin great preconditions to look as young and vibrant as possible.

Now the skin has definitely become softer. And hormones can result in a skin that feels too dry and maybe even flakes. Refrain from products with retinoids that may be too dehydrating. Instead, invest in a day cream with petrolatum or hyaluronic acid.
Dermatologists often recommend cream containing copper peptide for the night, which slows the development of lethargy a bit.

Ask for makeup that is appropriate to your age. Experts in the store will be able to help.

The older you get the more moisture your skin needs. But choosing a day cream is not easy. You have to test yourself and find one that suits your skin. It is important to use a moisturizer every day, both night and day. Use natural oils such as Vitamin E, Vitamin A. Moisture will provide healthy nutrients that will lead to smoother and softer skin. This will give your face a fresh luster that helps make your face look younger, as well as help the make-up look better on your skin.

Give your cheeks wonderful luster

Apply rouge with a brush and place it on the circle on the cheek. You can find this by smiling and then placing the brush there.

In this way, you will remove the focus from your wrinkles and highlight your eyes.

Avoid these common makeup mistakes that make you look older

You use too much foundation or the wrong shade

Using too much foundation, or foundation in the wrong shade is a common mistake that, unfortunately, makes you look older.

It is crucial that you find the right tone on the foundation for your skin, as a too-light foundation will not blend into the skin well, but instead sits on top of your skin. If you use a too dark foundation, it will become cakey and weigh down your skin. Some older people use a darker foundation color in order to look more tanned, but foundation is in these cases not the way to go. If you want to look sun-kissed, a bronzer is a right way to go.

The issue with using too much foundation is that it settles in fine lines in your skin and highlights your wrinkles even further. A common reason for this is the belief that the more foundation you use, the better you will hide your wrinkles and blemishes, but this is not the case. Instead, use a lighter foundation or bb-cream, and then hide local blemishes with concealer.

The best solution is to consult an expert and get help with finding a foundation tone that suits your skin best. Make sure to always try it in daylight. You know you have found the perfect tone when it is not visible. It is also important that you keep in mind that as you get a tan during the summer, you may need to use a different foundation in a different tone that matches your skin tone.

Avoid using a matte foundation

A makeup mistake that will make you look older is to use matt foundation on dry skin. Oftentimes, matte foundations can make dry skin look older, and in particular if you have wrinkles. To minimize your wrinkles, moisture, and luster is key. Use a primer with moisturizer, and if needed, you can matte down glossy parts of your face afterward with a transparent powder.

Avoid mascara on the bottom lashes

The issue with using mascara on the bottom eyelashes is that they can draw focus to wrinkles, lines, and bags. Furthermore, the eyes are weighed-down and can make you look tired.

Therefore, focus on your upper lashes.

Not using a primer

Primer is unfortunately neglected, but this has a substantial effect on helping your face look younger and more vibrant. Primers usually include silicones which helps reduce wrinkles and give your face a nice and even surface.

Don’t go hard on the eyeliner

Applying a too obvious and sharp eyeliner tends to make your eyes look more tired and older. If you want to use an eyeliner, don’t use a black one. Instead, opt for an eyeliner with a gray or brown shade.

Do contouring correctly

Contouring incorrectly can make you look older. If you contour too heavily, it can make the makeup look unnatural. Instead of using a darker contour, use a color that is more in the peach-tone spectrum.

Focus on the eyebrows

A makeup tip to make yourself look younger is to focus on the eyebrows. As we grow older, these tend to become less defined

Sharp and clear eyebrows are associated with youth, and this is why it is important to highlight them. Buy an eyebrow pen and make sure you don’t choose a too dark pen that will make the brows look unnatural. Give them shape and definition and you will look much younger!

Avoid dark lipsticks

As you get older, the lips will lose their fullness and volume and look thinner. The best way to make them fuller is by using lip gloss. Enhance your lips by using a lip pen that is one or two tones darker than your lip color, but not more. Using a very dark lipstick or lip gloss will make you look older, and it is not a good combination with thin lips.

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