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How to Choose Mascara? Guide and Tips

If you want to accentuate your eyes, the mascara is your best friend. But how to choose the right mascara? And how is it best applied? Continue reading to learn all about long and full XXL eyelashes.

How to choose mascara?

Start by identifying the type of eyelashes you have. Thin, straight or short – there’s a mascara that’s right for you!

If you have thin and sparse eyelashes.

Use a volume mascara! The large, dense brush encloses each individual eyelash and makes them fuller.

If you have straight eyelashes and dream of the perfect bend.

Choose a bending effect mascara and separate brush to make eyelashes worthy of the red carpet.

If you have short eyelashes and tested through a lot of different mascaras, but only get volume, but not length. You need a lengthening mascara with a brush that extends the eyelashes and at the same time captures each individual lash.

If you want a mascara that lasts even under extreme conditions.

Then a waterproof mascara is made for you! With it, you no longer have to worry about mascara running and ruining your makeup.

If you want a mascara that both extends the lashes and makes them fuller, is it possible?

If you choose a mascara that promises several effects at the same time, there is a high risk that you will eventually not get any of them, and will be disappointed with the result. Therefore, it is better to start with what type of eyelashes you have and what effect is best for highlighting your eyes.

How to choose the right color for the mascara?

It is easy! Use the following three criteria: your skin tone, eye color, and makeup color.

Black mascara is a safe card – it is the most common color and it fits most. But if you are light in yourself, it can give a pretty strict impression. Why not test a dark brown?

If you want to play a little, you can apply mascara of some eye-catching color to the eyelashes.

Green and blue eyes get a natural and beautiful look of brown mascara. If you want some effect, you can put a little blue on the tip of the lashes.

Brown eyes can have a natural look with a brown mascara or you contrast with a blue mascara to accentuate your beautiful eyes.

How long does a mascara last?

Of all cosmetic products, mascara is one of the shortest duration – between two and three months. The air that enters the container when you remove and replace the brush causes the mascara to dry out. It makes the mascara clump – which gives you a reason to try a new one!

How to apply mascara?

Step 1

Apply the mascara from the eyelash root to the top with a zigzag movement to cover and separate the lashes.

If you have round or almond-shaped eyes, you would like to create a more elongated contour on the eyes. Begin at the bottom and work outwards towards the outer eye for a deer-eye look.

step 2

Continue with the lower eyelashes. As with the upper lashes, you work from the inside out.

Step 3

Add an extra layer of mascara to really get your eyes on it.

Step 4

Did it get on your skin? No panic! Allow the mascara to dry, then take a dry cotton swab and wipe it off.

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