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Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

Can women’s fashion over fifty be fantastic? Absolutely.

Fortunately, the fashion arena for mature women who once included muumuu dresses and ugly grandmother sweaters is far away! Today’s mature woman knows, thinks and looks younger than her age.

They are looking for fashion-forward clothing that allows them to create a safe, youthful and lively image.

We say hurray, we can finally look as young as we feel. Follow these fashion tips and you can too!

Update your look

It can be difficult to branch out and wear styles of clothing, hair or makeup that may not be familiar to you. Here are some ways to bridge the gap:

Find a fashion buddy, maybe a friend or a daughter.

Go shopping with a fashionable friend and get their opinion on what to wear. Even though you may think something has gone too far, they can give you a real insight into what looks good.

Update your hair

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for a few decades, it’s time to switch. Go through some magazines and find the look you like. Ask your friends or hairstyles and try something new.

Update your makeup

Don’t overdo it, though! Go and get a make-over at a cosmetics store to try out a new look and get feedback from your fashion friends.

Go through your wardrobe

Go through all your clothes. What are you wearing and why? What are you not wearing and why? Looking at your current habits in detail will keep you from making similar modem mistakes when shopping this time.

Mature women shops

Show yourself from your good side by choosing clothes that fit your lifestyle, budget, and figure.

Here are some shopping tips:

When shopping for clothes, be unpredictable and think as young as you feel. This is not to say that you should check in your daughter’s wardrobe and her skirt or hipster jeans. However, consider modern, elegant and chic.

It is okay to choose solid colors and bold styles. Everything works as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Choose classic shapes and clothes that drape instead of clinging to your body.

The skirt lengths should not be too short, ladies. Aim for just over the knee.

Wrap dresses are very flattering. If you find the neck too revealing, wear a pointed camisole underneath.

Wearing good quality shaping clothes under your fashion garments is very important. Your bra, panties and other shaping garments should be of brand name and fit properly.

Avoid pastels, flowers, and anything with frills or decals.

Look for inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Invest in quality clothing and tailor-made clothing that will flatter your character. At 50, a good fit is everything. You should choose quality because you will find better fabrics, better cuts, and therefore a better fit.

Yes, ladies! Great style can happen over 50, even if you have a small budget. Your wardrobe can be smart and super-elegant at all levels, whether you dress for the office or your home office.

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