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Beautiful nails: Care tips and Advice

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to really take care of your nails and just toss on a layer of nail polish. They look good, but how are they really underneath? Read on to learn how to improve your nails from the inside out.

Do you want more beautiful nails but lack the time (or money) for a manicure? Don’t worry, you can set up a beauty salon in your own home and become more beautiful in just a few minutes. Experts also recommend that you take care and care for your nails every day to prevent damage, rupture or they get an unattractive color, especially if you smoke. In this article, you will learn the best tips for more beautiful nails.

Advice for improving the appearance of your nails

You may like to have them natural, you may always want to paint them in a certain color or you may choose color based on your outfit. However, it is important that you take care of your nails, at least on a basic level, by meeting their needs. The tips below are great for those who want to take care of your nails at home and avoid having to go to the salon for a manicure. Follow these and you will get both healthier and more beautiful nails:


After washing your hands, use hand cream without exception. This will prevent the skin from drying out and will also moisturize your nails, making them grow healthier and stronger. It will also prepare you for the cold months when the nails suffer from glove use or hot water. In the summer you should protect them from the sun and chlorinated pools.


Never use nail clippers unless your nails are too long and you want to cut them down to your fingertips. Otherwise, use a file to achieve the desired length and to get them square or rounded. This will prevent them from getting off or being edged.


It is very important that you use a base before applying nail polish. If you skip this step, your nails will become dry, yellowed and lifeless. This is because the components of the nail polish do not allow the nails to “breathe”.

You can find bases in beauty stores or perfumes and they are just like shiny envelopes, ie transparent. The difference is that they contain aloe vera, calcium, and vitamin E. As for their aesthetic benefits, they can be said to make the application of the nail polish easier because they leave the nail surface smoother.


Do not cut to remove the cuticles as you may then cause infections. It is better to use oils or special creams to remove them. Gently squeeze them back with a manicure stick or soft knit.


Women always look for facial or hair masks, but they often forget their nails. You can use Vaseline to give yourself a circular massage while watching TV. Wear gloves intended for cold weather when you sleep after applying a good cream. The next morning you will see results: softer hands and more beautiful nails.

What can you do to maintain your beautiful nails?

  • When you wash your hands, dry them well, especially the nails, so they do not get soft.
  • File your nails at least once a week. This will keep them strong and resistant to cracks.
  • Ideally, you should not remove the cuticles as they are responsible for protecting your nails from bacteria. You can soften them with creams and gently push them back so that they are not visible.
  • Use a moisturizing emulsion twice a day on your hands with emphasis on your nails to make them look healthy and beautiful.
  • If they turn yellow by excessive nail polish use or by cigarettes, rub white vinegar on them.
  • Limit your use of nail polish or varnish remover. After removing the nail polish, wait at least a day before painting the nails again. There are lacquer removal agents without acetone that come in oiled cloths that neither damage the skin nor the nails.
  • If you can’t take care of long nails, it’s best to have them cut short near your fingertips.
  • If you are doing household chores, protect your hands with gloves, especially if you come in contact with chemical cleaners such as bleach.

More recommendations for more beautiful nails

  • Consume Vitamin A so that your nails grow healthy and strong. It is found in most fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not bite your nails and do not keep them in your mouth. If you are an anxious or shy person, it is better to eat sweets or chew gum than bite your nails. Saliva always makes them soft and fragile.
  • Don’t use your nails as tools, and the same goes for your teeth. This means they are not intended to open cans, remove floor stains or clean cracks, but to protect your fingertips and make them more beautiful.
  • You can drop the juice from several garlic cloves in the nail polish to make your nails harder. You can also crush some cloves and apply them on your nails for a few minutes as a cream. Another alternative is to soak the nails in a field-infusion infusion for about 20 minutes. A “hardening” glossing agent that never fails can be made with 8 lemon drops, a mashed garlic clove and 5 drops of white iodine. Pour this into a clear nail polish and use as a base. Allow the mixture to stand for 24 hours before use.
  • If you like to paint your nails but don’t have much time to let them dry, you can place them in a bowl of water and several pieces of ice.
  • Place your hands in a bowl of white vinegar before painting your nails. Then the nail polish will last longer.

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