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7 Natural Home Remedies to get Healthier Hair

7 natural home remedies to get healthier hair

If you want healthy and strong hair, it is important not to wash it every day.

When it comes to beauty, it is important to get healthier hair if you have problems with it. You, therefore, go through many processes: curling tongs, dyeing, keratin … the list can be made long.

By exposing the hair to these chemicals and even the powers of the weather, the hair will weaken. Therefore, you should learn about natural home remedies to get healthier hair.

Women nowadays often dye their hair and expose it to various types of stress. Keep in mind that it is important to give your hair nutrients so that it can grow strong.

Want to learn how to keep your hair healthy without having to pay for expensive treatments at the hair salon and without having to test an endless amount of shampoo and conditioner?

If you answer “yes” to this question then you should continue reading about these 7 home remedies to get healthier hair.

Bananas to get healthier hair

Bananas are very rich in potassium, so they help improve the health of the hair and its natural elasticity.


  • Mash the banana using a fork until you get a puree.
  • Then apply this treatment from root to tip.
  • Let the treatment work for about 15 minutes.
  • Then wash your hair with shampoo. This solution will help revitalize dry and damaged hair.

Treatment with egg yolk

  • All you need to do is massage 1 egg yolk into the scalp and let it work for 10 minutes
  • Then rinse with water and wash with shampoo as usual
  • Repeat this cure 1-2 times a week for best results

Treatment with beer to get healthier hair

Rinsing your hair with beer is a popular home remedy that will give you healthy hair.

  • Pour some beer into a spray bottle.
    Wash your hair with shampoo and then wipe with a towel.
    Spray some beer in the hair and leave to work for half an hour.
    If you use this home remedy you will give your hair better shine.

Treatment with olive oil

  • Olive oil will strengthen your hair and prevent it from breaking off.¨Massage the olive oil into your scalp and leave for 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.
  • You can also let the olive oil work in your hair during the night for better results.
  • Wear a shower cap so that the pillow doesn’t get stained.

Strawberries for strong hair

Strawberries are often underestimated when it comes to protecting their hair, but they can really make a difference if they are ripe.

  • Mash 6-8 strawberries (depending on the length of the hair) and massage the mixture into your hair.
  • Cover with a shower cap and then with a warm towel. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes.
    Then rinse your hair with a mixture of shampoo and conditioner.
    This home remedy will give the hair a nice luster and a good aroma.
  • Honey
    Honey is really good for getting beautiful skin and it also gives you healthy hair. This is a great home remedy to repair damaged hair and prevent it from falling off.

General things to think about

There is no recipe that is completely flawless or one that is significantly better than the others. It depends on your hair type, how thick the hair is and also how long it is.

All of these factors affect how effective home remedies can be used to repair dry and damaged hair.

Also, keep in mind the following tips to maintain hair health:

  • Use conditioner once a week.
  • Avoid washing your hair daily. If you wash your hair daily, it can cause dryness as it removes the hair’s natural oils and moisture.
  • Use the correct water temperature. Almost everyone likes to take a hot shower, but you should know that this can dry out the scalp and hair.
  • Dry your hair properly after washing it. The way you dry your hair can also affect its health. Let it air dry and make sure you don’t use a towel to rub it.
  • Another way to prevent hair from drying out is to brush it regularly. The movements will help spread the natural oils.
  • Look for foods that give your hair the nutrition it needs to look strong and fine.

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