4 Ways to Tie Your Scarf

Does your outfit miss that little extra? Let the side scarf, a versatile accessory with endless styling capabilities, be the icing on the cake.


If you are looking for a romantic look, this bond is an obvious choice.
1. Fold the scarf across. 2. Twist it one turn around the neck so that the tip ends at the front. 3. Tie a double knot. 4. Voilà.


When you want an extra layer of embellishment, the solution is to tie your scarf over your shoulders.
1. Fold the scarf across. 2. Grasp the edges and wrap the scarf around the shoulders. 3. Tie a double knot at the front.

Flight attendant

Maybe it was the flight attendants who first introduced the trend, but nowadays the chic knot appears on every fashionista.
1. Fold the scarf across. 2. Roll to a wide band. 3. Twist the scarf two turns around the neck. 4. Tie a double knot. 5. Ready to take off.

Scarf on a bag or as a belt.
Why not tie your scarf in a loose knot around the bag’s handle? An easy way to give the accessory a personal touch.

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