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3 Natural Tips for a Smoother Skin

The older we get the less the skin’s elasticity decreases. This, together with the skin’s reduced fat content and reduced water content, also makes the skin fragile and wrinkled. Here are three natural tricks for smoother skin!

1. Moisturize

A poor moisture balance in the skin results in fine lines and wrinkles appearing faster. In order to have a softer and smoother skin with increased tension and elasticity, a lot of moisture is needed – daily. Choose skincare products with natural substances.

Did you know that…
… Re-wetting on day and night should also be applied to the neck and decolletage? This is where age signs usually appear first. To get a nice and smooth skin, take care of that area of ​​skin the same way you care for your face. The sun also contributes to the aging of the skin, being careful about the sun protection factor to protect the skin and prevent wrinkles.

2. Take care of yourself – and sleep well!

Too much stress is not only detrimental to overall health, it can also contribute to premature skin aging, as the stress hormone cortisol breaks down collagen. Make sure you get the recovery you need. Things in everyday life that you feel good about and feel relaxed in. Proper sleep is also an important factor. The sleep hormone melatonin is an antioxidant that is good for the skin.

3. Nourish the skin from the inside

To maintain healthy and elastic skin, proper nutrition from the inside is also needed. Make sure you get everything you need from the diet circle.


Silicon is one of the major components of the skin’s connective tissue. Silicon regulates the moisture balance and supports the formation of collagen. The older we get, the less silica we have in the body.

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