How to Choose the Right Day Cream for Your Skin type

Do you find it difficult to decide on a face cream that feels just right or are you unsure what you should really use? No worries. Now we have listed tips on products and tricks that can help you choose the right one. Have a look here to find your new favorites!

Choosing the right face cream is not the easiest, especially if you don’t have the time or desire to test different alternatives until the right one shows up. And yes, there is a lot you can go through the market. So if you need a little help on the trot or if you want to save some time, we have gathered information below that can facilitate your hunt for the right product for you.

We start from the beginning. The first thing to think about when choosing a face cream is what you really need and how your skin tends to feel during the day. Thus, try to identify your own skin type by thinking about what it usually needs.

Different skin types have different needs

If the skin becomes slightly dry, you can, for example, use a fat cream that will moisturize well during the day. It may even be worth investing in a facial oil that really works in depth.

If your skin feels greasy instead, you can use a day cream that is gel-based, to dampen the feeling that the skin becomes so oily during the day. Tip! Many times even a greasy complexion gets worse if you try to dry it out so keep in mind that even here, use something that moisturizes properly.

If instead, you feel that you are somewhere in between you can have a mixed skin type, then it is important to use products that restore balance. Keep an eye out for products that are specifically tailored to a blend.

Why you should use a day cream

There are a variety of skin types and needs and the most important thing is always to try to get to know your own skin. Face cream should maintain your natural moisture balance and therefore it is important to find an alternative that works for you.

Below we have collected different face creams to suit different skin types and needs. Scroll down to read more and find your favorites!

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