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White Clothes and Underwear – Avoid These Mistakes

To make sure you don’t walk around with the wrong choice of lingerie and show a little too much what’s hiding – or not hiding. Next time you wear white, remember these:

Skin-colored and simple

Dark colors such as black, gray, brown or blue can be dramatic under white. To keep everything simple and sophisticated, skin-colored or white lingerie is your ticket to an elegant outfit. Match your lingerie with a nice shirt or blouse and if you like the lace on your lingerie then run on! Make sure the white garments are not too tight as the embroidery can be seen through.

Note make sure there is no text or a logo on your underwear! Sure we like cute prints with Hello Kitty, but not under thin white clothes.

Shades of red

Not many people know, but red is almost invisible under white! Is skin color too boring for you? How about pink, peach, coral and other shades of red? The better they match your skin tone, the less visible it is.

Trick it

Do you like unique lingerie with harness and details but still want white clothes? Then you can run on a skin-colored body or dress. Sounds like something grandma would wear, but it’s really practical. It hides your choice of lingerie, accentuates a natural hourglass figure and makes sure nobody looks through your white dress or jeans.

Another tip that gives you a really chic look: pair your white blouse with a simple bralette for a stylish outfit for the Sunday lunch.

If the people at the bus stop are still staring, despite our tips, then you know that you simply look really good!

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