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Which Lipstick Type Should you Choose?

Matte, skirt, long-lasting, lip tint ..? The range of lipsticks is huge, and knowing which lipstick type to choose is not the easiest. We help you find the right lipstick here!

Moisturizing lipstick

For dry lips

Suitable for those who have dry lips, as it both gives color and helps to moisturize. Often contains softening ingredients such as vitamin e, aloe, and glycerin. Gives your lips a slightly glossier look rather than a powdery one. The disadvantage is that they often do not sit as long and good as other lipsticks.

Skirt lipstick

Gives lips shine

The words “sheer” or “satin” are often included in the product name. Skira or semi-transparent lipsticks are a good choice for dry lips because they contain a lot of oil. They make your lips extra glossy but do not give a coverage color. Because they also contain oil, the color usually looks darker in the packaging but gives a lighter shade to the mouth. Does not last as long as other lipsticks, so expect to reapply regularly.

Creamy lipsticks

Makes lips look fuller

If you have thin lips, this is a good choice, because the creamy texture makes the mouth look a little bigger. Glossy lip products appear to be reducing. However, if you want a slightly glossier look, you can apply a little lip gloss on top of the lipstick. Creamy lipsticks, however, contain wax, which is protective but can also have a dehydrating effect.

Frosty lipsticks

Makes lips sparkle and shine

The words “pearl” or “frost” are often included in the product name. It contains ingredients that reflect light and make your lips sparkle and shine. It perfectly fits a glamorous party night, but on the day it can easily look a little artificial. It can make your lips feel a bit dry and cracked, so apply a moisturizing lip balm before picking out the lipstick.

Lipstick with long durability

Lasts all day

The product name often contains the term “long-lasting”. Ideal for those who do not have the time or energy to apply lipstick several times during the day, as they contain ingredients that keep the color in place for 4-8 hours (unless you eat something greasy or oily). It is a worse alternative for dry lips because the color-preserving formula often seems to dehydrate. Look for variants that are pronounced moisturizing.

Matte lipstick

Elegant impression

Gives your lips a nice color without shine, which can be perceived as a little flat. Also works for dry lips, as they often contain moisturizing vitamin and aloe. Fits extra well in the evening, as the matte surface gives an elegant impression. Also, matte lipsticks do not need to be reapplied as often as glossier variants.



Often does not look like regular lipsticks, instead, the packaging is often designed as nail polish, an ink pen or a lip gloss. A lip tint combines with your natural lip color but still gives a colorful and durable result. Perfect for those who want a lot of color fixed in a more discreet way.

To find the right shade, keep in mind:

  • Pale skin that is easily burned in the sun often has cold undertones and is best suited in red colors that attract blue or pink.
  • An olive complexion that is easy to tan often has warm undertones and fits well in reds that go orange or brown.

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