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Which Dress Fits your Body Shape?

It exists in all sorts of shapes, colors, fabrics, and models. In this article, we show you which dress fits which figure.

The dress is many women’s favorite garments. It exists in all possible styles and has existed in all fashion epochs.
No wonder it is difficult to decide on the great diversity.
The most important thing is that the dress is comfortable, but we also have some tips and tricks on how to tone down

Which dress fits a slightly more powerful stomach?

Most people have a place on the body that you are not so happy with. Curves in the abdominal area can easily be hidden with the help of undulating fabrics. Carpet fabrics are not so eye-catching and do not focus unwantedly. Vertical lines make the figure look a little longer. Particularly beautiful are also dresses with wrinkles and drapes in the abdomen. It distracts attention from a slightly plump stomach.
Tight dresses are not so flattering – then you should rather choose A-line dresses, as the dress’s volume gives better proportions.

A little tip:
It’s totally okay to cheat a bit. With the right shapewear, the puff will disappear for a few hours.

What dress is suitable for heavy calves?

It’s simple: Maxi dresses are not only absolutely trendy, but the wavy fabrics also conjure up a fine figure and hide heavy thighs.

One-color dresses also cause other problem zones to disappear – thus the dress becomes a garment that you really like.

A little tip:
In combination with a stylish jacket, the long dress is also perfect for party evenings.

Which dress fits broad shoulders?

If you want to divert attention from the shoulders a little, then a large volume in the skirt part is the perfect trick, because it attracts everyone’s eyes.

When it comes to long dresses and evening dresses, a mermaid model or a peplum sleeve dress is particularly good, as the flared skirt creates a harmonious overall impression.

A deep neckline divides the body into two narrow zones and can, therefore, be recommended for this figure type.

Which dress fits your bust size?

The label company would like to present in an advantageous way. However, if you have a large bust you should be careful with the excessively voluminous ruffles and wrinkles in the chest area.
Even high-cut rings make the bust look stronger, while an open decolletage makes the neck look longer.
Sequins make small cup sizes look a little bigger.

What a dress fit for short legs?

Short legs require short dresses and high-heeled shoes also make you look longer.
Opaque tights in the same color as the dress make the legs look longer and tighter. Even dresses with V-ring and button-up fit well, because they also make the (upper) body look longer.

In order not to “disappear” into long dresses, one should emphasize the waist with a tie or drawstring.

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