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Which Clothing Colors Suit You?

What color of clothing that suits you best has to do with your skin tone. The skin has two different types of tone, you have a surface tone that is the one you see when, for example, you choose a foundation.

Then you have an undertone, which lies beneath the surface of the skin. That undertone comes in three different categories:

1. Cold tone (pink, red or bluish undertone)
2. Warm tone (yellow, orange or golden undertone)
3. Neutral tone (a combination of warm and cold undertones)

To find and determine your particular skin tone, you can start dressing right after your particular skin tone, you can follow a few simple steps:

1. Analyze the veins on your arms

Start by looking at your veins on the inside of your wrist. Are they green? Or maybe they are more towards blue hue?

If your veins are blue then you have an undertone that is cold. If they are green instead, you have a warm undertone.

2. Do the neutral test

Find out which of the neutral shades suits you best.

Look at yourself: do your eyes, your skin and the rest of your face look better in crisp colors like black and white, or in more creamy and off-white/brown shades? Based on If you prefer the first option or the second, you are warm or cold toned. If you choose the first choice, you are a cold-toned person, and if you choose the latter, it makes you a warm-toned person.

3. Do the classic jewelry test

What shade of jewelry looks best on you, do you think, gold or silver? Women who have cold undertones think that silver is the best looking on them, while gold is considered to look better on women with warm undertones.

4. Examine your hair and eye color

A good tip on how to examine your skin’s undertones is to look at your natural hair and eye color.

If you have blue, green or gray eye color combined with blonde, brown or black hair then you probably have a cold undertone.

However, if you have brown, amber or hazel eyes and red, brown, black or strawberry blonde hair, you probably have a warm undertone.

5. Examine your skin after a day in the sun

Do you slowly turn golden brown, or do you burn easily and turn red, or do you turn pink all at once?

The people who have a warm undertone become slightly brown while women who have a cold undertone burn easily. Women with a neutral undertone often burn first and then turn brown.

6. Choose a celebrity who has a skin tone that matches yours

Look at pictures in different magazines to see which celebrities have a cold and warm undertone.

Look at what color they have on the dress and see if the color suits them. Then you get an idea about which colors would suit you.

7. Choose a number of colors that look best on you

women with a warm undertone are best suited in the colors yellow, warm red, orange, brown, green-yellow, cream and beige/camel.

Women who have a cool undertone fit best in the colors blue, green, purple, pink, teal, magenta and red.

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