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What is Important to Remember When You Choose Pantyhoses?

The tights are important and can lift – or destroy – the entire outfit. Think about these things the next time you buy tights!
Choose the right denier (s) on the tights. Denier is a designation for the mask tightness in tights and gives an indication of thickness. Thin, fine and translucent tights are usually at 15-20, while thicker tights at 50 and up are more opaque, warmer and fit better when it’s cold.

When it’s cooler it can also be really smart with a pair of wool tights, it both warms and gives a skirt or dress a slightly “autumn” look.

Think of tights as an accessory and don’t forget that there are several variants besides black and skin-colored. Tights are an incredibly inexpensive and effective way to update your wardrobe and bring new life to various outfits. A forgotten and perhaps a bit boring dress can take a new life with a pair of colorful or patterned tights.

Have many different patterned, thick, thin, black and single-color pantyhose in the panty. It gives you a greater variety of possibilities and allows you to create exciting combinations with clothes that you already have in the wardrobe.

Tights are designed in line with the rest of the trends for the season. See what’s on the market: a classic outfit can easily become trendier with the season’s patterned tights, or colored tights.

Don’t forget that vertical patterns extend and are therefore perfect for those who want to make their legs look longer.

There is a difference between tights and tights. Material composition, finish and production method are all factors that affect quality. Good quality tights give a more comfortable feel to the skin, last longer and look finer.

Pierre Roberts tights are made of a polymid blend (or wool) that feels soft and comfortable, has good elasticity, and a smooth, fine finish. Pierre Robert tights are produced in Italy, which are known for producing high-quality tights and are regarded as the leading specialists when it comes to the production of tights.

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