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Top Wedding Makeup Tips

Whether you choose to do your own makeup or hire a makeup artist on your big day, there are some things that are very good to think about both before and on the big day. Below I was going to list them and hope it might be helpful.

To think about before the wedding day:

Skin preparation – It is always important to have a moisturized complexion, but when you are going to make-up so that it lasts a long time, this point is extra important. Getting a makeup to sit from morning to night requires that you have a good foundation to work on, ie your own skin.

However, do NOT switch to a new skincare series too close to the wedding as new products can create skin reactions in the form of blisters and other things that you obviously want to avoid. Use what you usually do, but just be extra careful not to neglect. If you have no skincare products at all today, be sure to start well in advance and gladly take the help of a makeup artist or skin therapist to get the right customized skincare just for you.

Spray surface and brown without the sun – Maybe you want to be a little extra brown at your wedding? If you have the opportunity for real sun I would recommend it, but if you do not have it and are thinking of a spray or brown without sun treatment I would say that it is good to do a test run well in advance.

It is always good to know how your skin reacts to products that you have never used before, and that the person performing the treatment knows its thing. Usually, a spray can be best if you do it 2 days before the event itself. Then it can both suck in properly, and you have time to shower once before to get that right sun-kissed color.

I would also like to add that you should not sunbathe in the real sun a few days before, the skin usually turns slightly red during the first few days, so the best part is if you leave it out of the sun for at least two days. It will also be easier to apply then.

Lash extension – Today it is very popular to do a fringe extension instead of using disposable lashes. It may be super nice, but there are also some things to keep in mind. The first is that not everyone can withstand the glue with which the lashes are attached, which is why it is very important that you make an extension a month before to try, then fill up before the big day if you tolerated it.

The other important thing is that you get fringes that you like and fit in. Do you have very short fringes in yourself, maybe you will not feel comfortable in those long fringes that your friend usually chooses? Or do you naturally have quite a lot of fringes, do you want to add a lot more?

Consult your frat girl or guy about what you fit in, and then try makeup afterward to see if they still feel just as good. Sometimes it can feel a lot when you are unmasked but perfectly perfect when the makeup comes on for example.

Eyebrows – Do not pinch your brows just before you apply makeup, but rather do so the day before or at least for a couple of hours so that the pores have closed again and any skin irritations fall apart.

Lips – Feel free to peel your lips before for a couple of days so that they are not dry and dewy. There is finished peeling to buy, but you can also try with a housewife, honey and sugar, put it on your fingertip and rub, then rinse with water and wipe with a towel.

Book well in advance – If you choose to make up yourself or hire a makeup artist is of course up to you, but if you choose to hire someone, I recommend doing it well in advance, about 3-4 months before the wedding, so that you should be able to consult once before. Not everyone chooses to do a consultation, but I always recommend it, for both my own and the client’s safety.

An idea of ​​how you want it and what it looks like when you tried to convey it to your makeup artist may differ. So the important thing is that you try out the makeup together and work it out to perfection, so you can feel as beautiful as it just goes on your big day. It may, although very rare reactions occur on the skin of makeup products, maybe you are allergic to any substance? Therefore, it is also good to have tried out the makeup that your makeup artist uses once before.

Another plus is that you save time on the wedding day, both know exactly what it should look like, so it’s just getting started, and there will be no question marks along the way. From my own experience and after many many wedding make-ups, security and calm is the most important thing for a bride on her wedding day, having to be unnecessarily nervous or stressing out if it is not as you thought it would just lower the mood, which you of course not want to.

The same goes for the hair, try before, or at least talk a clear idea before the wedding day.

To think about whether to make yourself up:

As a makeup artist and hairstylist, there are many steps I go through carefully when I make a bride. There is always a lot to think about, but at such an occasion it is of course very important that it should sit well and long.
I thought I would list those most important things that might be easier for those who choose to do your own makeup.

The foundation

Moisture – As I mentioned above, moisture is very important, a moisturized skin will be much easier to work on, and the risk of the makeup dropping during the day is also minimized. So always start with facial water and moisturizer under your makeup. Let it soak in for a while before you start makeup.

Primer – I usually compare the primer with priming the house. If you have no primer, the paint will neither look as good nor look as good, the risk of the color starting to flake after a while is also great. So don’t forget your primer!

Brushes and tools – Just like I compared the primer with a basic color that the painters have, I usually compare the brushes with the carpenter’s tools. If you do not have a good hammer when you want to hit a nail, it is no wonder if it becomes oblique even if you are a professional. Without good brushes that are the makeup artist’s tool, it is difficult to get really good makeup, no matter how professional you are. Remember to have good brushes, and if you buy good brushes from the beginning, you will be guaranteed to have them for a very long time.

Foundation, Powder and Concealer – The most important thing here is that these products are tailored to your skin type and color. Consult the store where you shop if you are unsure.

Bronzer, rouge, highlighter – With a bronzer or if you want to call it a sunblock, you can sculpt your face nicely, place it in your existing shadows and where the sun takes first to accentuate your face in a natural way. I would say that a bronzer is one of my favorite products as it really does cause a face that has received foundation, powder and conceals to regain their shadows. Again, however, it is important with color matching, consult if you are unsure. You don’t want to look too brown or orange.

Rouge gives you lovely pink cheeks and accentuates them, and if you want to look extra fresh as well as accentuate some parts of the face a little more I definitely think you should have a highlighter as well.

Eye: Waterproof mascara

If you have an eyelash extension, you may still need mascara for the lashes, don’t forget that the mascara will be waterproof because in all likelihood you will shed some tears.

Eye shadow primer and eyeshadows

If it is important to have a primer under your foundation, I would say it is twice as important to have a primer under your eye shadow. The eyelids are a typical place that grease easily and without a primer, your eyeshadow will eventually lie in small places instead of looking nice and even.

Of course, you can choose eye shadows based on taste and appearance, driving on what you think is just fine!


Pen, shadow, liquid eyebrow color or gel, there are plenty of choices. Drive at what you like best, but keep in mind that shading can drop faster than, say. A pen. If you want to be extra sure that it sits well, a good alternative might be to use an eyebrow pen first and then attach it with a shadow on top. If you have long straws in your brows, it can also be good to attach them with an eyebrow gel.


Some make-up brands also have primer to the lips to make the products sit longer in place. Either I think you should have it, or you can work layer upon layer with products to make it sit in place longer.

Here’s how:

  1. Moisten the lips with a lip balm, allow to soak.
  2. The lip on the entire lip
  3. Lipstick
  4. Lip gloss

If you want your lips to be matte, you can skip the lip gloss of course. You can also gently powder the lips with a transparent powder after the lipstick and then apply a layer of lipstick to it. It will sit like the rock, but then really make sure you have properly moisturized lips from the ground so it doesn’t crackle.

Good to carry with you in the bag:

Even if you have done all the steps correctly, correctly and properly, you may, of course, need to improve on some things during the day or evening. in some areas.

Either you bring all your makeup with you if you have a place and want to be completely on the safe side, or you bring some of the most important things with you.

Here comes the tip on kits that you should always carry in your bag:

  1. Powder – Either transparency that only mats down if you get sweaty and shiny, or one with a little color if you need to improve on somewhere.
  2. Lip Products – Anything you have chosen to wear on your lips is good to carry with you to improve on. When you eat and drink it will disappear sooner or later.
  3. Concealer – If you cry a lot there is the risk that you may need to improve on a little under the eyes, so it is not foolish to carry a small concealer in the bag too.
  4. Brushes – Don’t forget to bring the tools to the products so you don’t stand there late and need to poke your fingers.

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