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3 Tips on How to Wear a Coat Stylishly

The coat is high on the list of the largest fashion trends during the autumn and winter. The coat can be both stylish and tough, easy to combine with different outfits and not least it keeps you warm in the cold. We dare say that there are few garments that fit a man better than a coat, so you should not be afraid to use it!

3 tips on how to wear the coat

Common for most winter coats is that they are of thick and coarse textiles and have buttons. There are many different types of gowns, and they can be single or double buttoned, ankle-length, with hood, single color or plaid. With such a wide range, you can easily find a classic race model that suits you best. And don’t forget that the outer coat is definitely not reserved for costumed men. It is perfectly fine to wear a coat over hoodies and jeans with sneakers. Read on for 3 tips on how to use the coat on different occasions.

Wool coat

If it is very cold outside, the wool coat is a sure winner. A coarse wool coat can be the toughest type of outer jacket, as this model is often thick and can be a bit stiff in the material. This is also a very versatile jacket that you can easily use on several occasions. If you tend to have a relaxed style, a wool coat can be super cool over jeans and with boots, and it can be used as a casual outer jacket. If you wear it over a dark suit, the look will be different, and the gown will have a more dressed up feel. Wool jackets are durable and warm, and can easily be your number one outer jacket in the winter. It is guaranteed a sturdy jacket that you can wear for many years and will, therefore, be worth the investment.

Checkered coat

If you usually have a minimalist style, a plaid coat can be the coolest garment to combine with a simple clothing choice. This will break with one-piece pants and sweaters, and in addition, a plaid jacket can take your attire to new heights, in a casual look. Checkered and tweed is the coolest trend this year, and especially on winter men’s jackets. A winter coat with fishbone pattern is classic and tough, and checkered coats can come in both earthy and bold colors. Use the coat over a knitted polo shirt, then you can also drop the scarf in the cold.

Suit to suit

It is perhaps most traditional to wear a gown to a suit, and on formal occasions, the gown can be used as a dress jacket. This jacket is not just reserved for festive events. If costume is your work attire, it’s also natural to wear a coat every day. If you are one of those who dress a lot in a dark suit, you can choose to go for a camel brown or bottle green model. It’s cool to have some contrast to the outfit, and these are two very stylish and modern color shades that will come back year after year.

Now it’s time for you to find your own unique way to style your coat! Mix and match as much as you want, to find just your still. We wish you a cozy autumn everyone!

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