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Top Skincare Tips for Sensitive Skin

When a lot of people are asked to describe their skin type, many people will say they have sensitive skin.

However, sensitive skin is not a skin type, but a very common feature that the skin has and that can occur in all skin types. It is good to investigate what causes sensitive skin and how to care for and prevent it.

Sensitive skin is a common skin condition for many, but you can get help with the right skincare and products. Get to know sensitive skin and how to choose the right products!

How do I recognize sensitive skin?

Sensitive properties can occur in all skin types – for example, oily skin can also be sensitive. What characterizes sensitive skin is redness, itching, tingling or hot and tight feeling on the skin. The skin responds quickly to certain ingredients or products, for example by blushing and heat.

A quick tip to test skin sensitivity at home is to do a gentle “squeeze test” – squeeze the skin between your fingers for a few seconds – does the skin turn red? Does the redness disappear quickly? If the area continues to be red and it takes a long time for the color to become normal, the skin is likely to be sensitive.

What does sensitive skin depend on?

Regular skin care routine, gentle treatment, and the right products are the best friends for sensitive skin.

The products that are best suited for sensitive skin are soothing, protective and moisturizing products. It is not a question of avoiding the treatment/care of sensitive skin and of worrying about a reaction – it is especially important that you clean sensitive skin daily and treat it with the right care products.

The skin quickly gets used to skincare products, so if a soothing product creates a skin reaction, we recommend continuing to use it – it is likely that the skin gets used to the product and over time calms down and does not react so strongly.

What products can I use?

For sensitive skin, it is good to try natural cosmetic products, which are fragrance-free or contain only natural, mild scents from the ingredients. In many cases, the added synthetic scents create sensitivity. Choose soothing, protective or moisturizing products.

Sensitive skin can be used as far as any skincare product – cleaning, facial water, serum, mask, cream, oil, eye cream and exfoliating. When choosing peels, it is advisable to choose a mild enzymatic exfoliation, as granular peels are often too strong for sensitive skin and make the situation worse.

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